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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Art Appropriation in an Australian Advertising Landscape: A qualitative research case studyWilliams, M; Lee Richard
Jan-2009Art Histories at the Crossroads: 'Asian' Art in AustraliaMaravillas, F; Anderson Jaynie
15-Feb-2011Art in Prisons: a literature review of the philosophies and impacts of visual art programs for correctional populationsDjurichkovic, A
Jan-2008Art Journalism and the Impact of 'Globalisation': New Fugal Modalities of Storytelling in Austral-Asian writingSkilbeck, R
Jan-2008The Art Museum in the 19th Century J. J. Winckelmann's Influence on the Establishing of the Classical Paradigm of the Art MuseumManasseh, C
Jan-2008The Art of 'Slow': Taking Time in the Digital AgeLeung, LT; Tam, D; Linda Leung
Jan-2006The art of alliancing: from imperative control to collaborative coordinationClegg, SR; Pitsis, TS; Boyce, G; Macintyre, S; Ville, S
Jan-2010The Art of InteractionEdmonds, EA; Mival, O; Bonner, J; Smyth, M; O'Neill, S
Jan-2011The art of learning: wildfire, amenity migration and local environmental knowledgeEriksen, C; Prior, TD
Jan-2013The art of letting go: Referral to palliative care and its discontentsBroom, A; Kirby, E; Good, P; Wootton, J; Adams, J
Jan-2004The art of managing relationships in interorganizational collaboration.Pitsis, TS; Kornberger, MM; Clegg, SR
Jan-2007The Art of Programming or Programs as ArtEdmonds, EA; Fujita, H; Pisanelli, D
Jan-2011The art of touch: A photo-essayCranny-Francis, A
2016The art of wasting time: sociability, friendship, community and holidaysFoley, C
Jan-2013Art vs Design: Saving Power vs Enframing, or A Thing of the Past vs World-MakingTitmarsh, M; Tonkinwise, C
Jan-2011Art, Interaction and EngagementEdmonds, EA; Candy; Edmonds
Jan-2011Art, Interaction and EngagementEdmonds, EA; Banissi; E; others
Jan-2009Art, Language and Machines: The Interrelationship between Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia and Raymond RousselManasseh, C
Jan-2009Artaud's poetic vision and some comments on Frederick TaylorPitsis, A; Pullen, A; Rhodes, C
2016Artefact design using FDM parts together with handcrafted partsPandolfo, B; Marjanovic, D; Storga, M; Pavkovic, N; Bojcetic, N; Skec, S