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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Introduction: A Fragmented Stew of Themes and IssuesForrest, T
Jan-2009Introduction: A New World Disorder? The Recurring Crises in Anglo-American Corporate Governance and the Increasing Impact on European Economies and Institutions"Clarke, T; Chanlat, J; Clarke, T; Chanlat, JF
Jan-2014Introduction: an entree to organizational and managerial InnovationPitsis, TS; Simpson, A; Dehlin, E; Pitsis, TS; Simpson, AV; Dehlin, E
2008Introduction: Building Partnerships Between Oral History and Memory StudiesHamilton, P; Shopes, L; Hamilton, Paula; Shopes, Linda
2015Introduction: Cloud Systems in Demand-Supply ChainsSoliman, F; Soliman, F
Jan-2007Introduction: Constitutional Democracy rather than One-Party Dictatorship is the Institutional Foundation for Harmonious SocietyFeng, C; Feng Chongyi
2014Introduction: David Almond and Mystical RealismJohnston, RR; Johnston, RR
1-Jan-2016Introduction: Design Innovation for SocietyTromp, N; van der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Lloyd, P; Bohemia, E
Jan-2005Introduction: Exile and Social TransformationAllatson, P; McCormack, J
Jan-2011Introduction: From Disabled Tourists to Accessible TourismDarcy, SA; Buhalis, D; Buhalis, D; Darcy, S
Jan-2010Introduction: Going PublicAshton, P
Jan-2012Introduction: Knowledge Mobilization - The new research imperativeFenwick, T; Farrell, LE; Fenwick, T; Farrell, L
Jan-2010Introduction: On the nature and scope of dynamic capabilitiesKatkalo, VS; Pitelis, C; Teece, DJ
Jan-2005Introduction: organizing identityPullen, A; Linstead, S; Pullen, A; Linstead, S
Jan-2009Introduction: People and their Pasts and Public History TodayAshton, P; Ashton, P; Kean, H
Jan-2006Introduction: process & contextRojek, C; Shaw, S; Veal, AJ; Rojek, C; Shaw, S; Veal, AJ
Jan-2006Introduction: questioning the ethics of management practiceClegg, SR; Rhodes, CH; Clegg, S; Rhodes, C
Jan-2005Introduction: Relays, Delay and Distance Art/ActivismNeumark, N; Chandler, A; Neumark, N
2015Introduction: Role of Membrane Science and Technology and Forward Osmosis ProcessesPhuntsho, S; Shon, HK; Zhang, TC; Surampalli, RY; Shon, HK; Phuntsho, S; Zhang, TC; Surampalli, RY
2016Introduction: Sexualities in the Sacred and Secular SpheresPrior, JH; Prior, JH; cusack, C