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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010From Communication Game to Cities TangoEdmonds, EA; Franco, F; Deussen, O; Jepp, P
Jan-2013From Communications Game to Cities TangoEdmonds, EA; Franco, F
Jan-2004From Controlling to Constructive: Youth unemployment policy in Australia and The NetherlandsMeijers, F; Te Riele, K
2002From conventions without logic to logical conventionsMorrisey, J; Leigh, E; Sohal A
1-Apr-2017From data to decisions: Processing information, biases, and beliefs for improved management of natural resources and environmentsGlynn, PD; Voinov, AA; Shapiro, CD; White, PA
2001From Davitt to deconstruction : politics and social commentary in feminist crime fictionCole, C
Jan-2010From digital libraries to digital preservation research: the importance of users and contextChowdhury, GG
Jan-2009From Discretion to Disbelief: Recent Trends in Refugee Determinations on the Basis of Sexual Orientation in Australia and the United KingdomMillbank, J
30-Jul-2015From documentation to dialogue: On bringing Brazilian popular music and jazz to West GermanyHurley, AW; Finger, A; Kathoefer, G; Larkosh, C
Jan-2003From doing work to talking work: Renegotiating knowing, doing, and identityIedema, RA; Scheeres, HB
Jan-2014From Domestic Craft to Contemporary Arts: Needlework and Belonging in Two Generations of Italian Australian ArtistsVanni Accarigi, I; Giunta, E; Sciorra, J
Jan-2006From East to West - Has the twain met? Linkages between context sensitivity and soft systems methodologyKumar, MR; Sankaran, S
Jan-2013From Everyday Information Behaviours to Clickable Solidarity in a Place Called Social MediaNarayan, B
Jan-2008From extension to engagement: mapping the imaginary of wearable technologyCranny-Francis, A
Jan-2009From Fairy to Witch: Imagery and Myth on the Azaria CaseJohnson, D; Deborah Staines, MA; Biber, K
2014From farmboy to superstar : the life and times of the remarkable Alf PollardCroucher, JS
31-Oct-2014From Film Studies to Interaction Design—An Emergent Aesthetics ViewBiloria, N; Xia, X; Hommel, B; Scarinzi, A
8-Oct-2012From Flash to HTML5: The E-learning EvolutionReyna, JL
Jan-2002From flying doctor to virtual doctor: an economic perspective on Australia's telemedicine experienceVan Gool, K; Haas, MR; Viney, RC
Jan-2012From Forensics to Forensic ScienceRoux, CP; Crispino, F; Ribaux, O