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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Indigenous participation in information technology project: Achievements and challenges of the first 3 yearsDyson, LE; Robertson, TJ
21-Jan-2016Indigenous Patrols, Counter-Policing and SafetyPorter, AJ
2005Indigenous People in Legal Education: Staring into a Mirror without ReflectionWatson, N
Jan-2005Indigenous People in Legal Education: Staring into a Mirror without ReflectionWatson, N
Jan-2005Indigenous People on the WebDyson, LE; Underwood, J; Cerpa, N; Bro, PB
Jan-2013Indigenous People, Crime and PunishmentAnthony, T
Jan-2011Indigenous Peoples on the InternetDyson, LE; Consalvo, M; Ess, C
Jan-2006Indigenous Peoples, Coloonialism, and memories of Environmental InjusticeGoodall, H; Washington, SH; Rosier, P; Goodall, H
Jan-2006Indigenous Policy and Mutual Obligation: Shared or Shifting Responsibility Agreements?McCausland, R; Levy, M
Jan-2012Indigenous Poverty In New South Wales Major Cities: A Multidimensional AnalysisReeve, RD
Jan-2009Indigenous Property Matters in Real Property Courses at Australian UniversitiesGraham, NG
Jan-2010Indigenous self-determination and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities - a framework for discussionBehrendt, LY; Vivian, AM
13-Apr-2017Indigenous Self-Determination Within the Justice ContextPorter, AJ; Behrendt, LY; Vivian, A
Jan-2001Indigenous Self-Determination:Rethinking the Relationship Between Rights and Economic DevelopmentBehrendt, LY
20-Apr-2016Indigenous Small Business in the Australian Indigenous EconomyCollins, J; Morrison, M; Krivokapic-Skoko, B; Butler, R; Basu, PK; Sanders, W
Jan-2013Indigenous Stolen Wages: historical exploitation and contemporary justiceAnthony, T
12-Nov-2014Indigenous students' persistence in higher education in Australia: contextualising models of change from psychology to understand and aid students' practices at a cultural interfaceDay, A; Nakata, V; Nakata, M; Martin, G
Jan-2011Indigenous Students' Voices: Monitoring Indigenous Student Satisfaction and Retention in a Large Australian UniversityWidin, J
Jan-2011Indigenous Studies: Teaching and learning togetherSherwood, J; Keenan, T; Kelly, B; Keech, S; Purdie, N; Milgate, G; Bell, HR
Jan-2008Indigenous Trauma, Grief and LossMcCausland, R; Day, A; Nakata, M; Howells, K