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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007An integrating framework for sustainable communities: exploring the possibilites and challengesSmith, T; Willetts, JR; Mitchell, CA
Jan-2008Integrating Graduate Attributes with Assessment Criteria in Business Education Using an Online Assessment SystemThompson, DG; Treleaven, L; Kamvounias, P; Beem, B; Hill, E
Jan-2007Integrating Graduate Attributes with Student Self AssessmentThompson, DG; Zehner; R; Reidsema; Eds, C; 2007
Jan-2011Integrating health economics into the product development cycle: A case study of absorbable pins for treating hallux valgusVallejo-Torres, L; Steuten, L; Parkinson, BT; Girling, A; Buxton, M
Jan-2007Integrating Human and Ecological Factors: a Systematic Approach to Corporate SustainabilityBenn, SH; Dunphy, DC; Griffiths, AB; Marinova, D; Annandale, D; Phillimore, J
Jan-2010Integrating individual, work group and organizational factors: testing a multidimensional model of bullying in the nursing workplaceHutchinson, M; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE; Vickers, MH
2007Integrating knowledge management into business processesMaung, W
Jan-2007Integrating Knowledge Sharing into an Innovation FrameworkHawryszkiewycz, IT; Martins, B; Remenyi, D
Jan-2010Integrating language learning practices in first year science disciplinesZhang, F; Lidbury, BA; Schulte, J; Yates, B; Bridgeman, A; Rodger, J
Jan-2010Integrating language learning practises in first year science disciplinesZhang, F; Lidbury, BA; Schulte, J; Yates, B; Bridgeman, A; Rodger, J
1-Apr-2016Integrating legacy soil phosphorus into sustainable nutrient management strategies for future food, bioenergy and water securityRowe, H; Withers, PJA; Baas, P; Chan, NI; Doody, D; Holiman, J; Jacobs, B; Li, H; MacDonald, GK; McDowell, R; Sharpley, AN; Shen, J; Taheri, W; Wallenstein, M; Weintraub, MN
Jan-2012Integrating local action elements for action analysisThi, T; Cheng, L; Zhang, J; Wang, L; satoh, S
Jan-2011Integrating Local Features into Discriminative Graphlets for Scene ClassificationZhang, L; Bian, W; Song, M; Tao, D; Liu, X; Lu, BL; Zhang, L; Kwok, J
Jan-2007Integrating Object-oriented O:XML Semantics into Autonomic Decentralised FunctionalitiesChiang, F; Fernandez, H; Braun, RM; Agbinya, JI; Chiang, F; Agbinya, JI; Braun, R
Sep-2015Integrating One Water into urban liveabilityMukheibir, P
Jan-2010Integrating palliative care content into a new undergraduate nursing curriculum: The University of Notre Dame, Australia - Sydney experienceRamjan, JM; Costa, CM; Hickman, L; Kearns, M; Phillips, JL
Jan-2006Integrating patients' nonmedical status in end-of-life decision making: Structuring communication through 'conferencing'Sorensen, R; Iedema, RA
Jan-2009Integrating point-of-care technology into the midwifery curriculaSmith, RM; Gray, JE
Jan-2007Integrating population, land-use, transport, water and energy-use models to improve the sustainability of urban systemsRickwood, P; Giurco, D; Glazebrook, GJ; Kazaglis, A; Thomas, LE; Zeibots, ME; Boydell, S; White, S; Caprarelli, G; McDougall, J; Hamnett, S
2013Integrating practice based and neuroscientific perspectives on the impact of digital technology on contemporary narrative dramaturgy, investigated through live simulation exercisesCrea, T