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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2014Integrated regional vulnerability assessment of government services to climate changeC. Jacobs, B; Lee, C; O’Toole, D; Vines, K
Jan-2005Integrated resource planning for the integrated water supply scheme for: expert panel examining Kimberly water supply optionsMcFarlane, DJ; Inman, M; White, S; Loh, MT; Turner, AJ; English, L
Jan-2005Integrated Resource Planning for Transport: asking better questionsCampbell, S; White, S; Brebbia, CA; Wadhwa, LC
28-Jan-2015Integrated Resource Planning for Urban Waste ManagementGiurco, D; Herriman, J; Turner, A; Mason, L; White, S; Moore, D; Klostermann, F
Jan-2011Integrated resource planning for urban water - resource papersFane, SA; Turner, AJ; McKibbin, JL; May, D; Fyfe, J; Chong, J; Blackburn, N; Patterson, JJ; White, S
Jan-2009An Integrated Risk Management Model for Large Construction Projects Based on Stakeholder Management TheoryWang, CC; Qiu, Y; 2009, TSC
Jan-2012Integrated Seat And Suspension Control For A Quarter Car With Driver ModelDu, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
Jan-2005An integrated service network in maternity - the implementation of a midwifery-led unitTracy, SK; Hartz, DL; McCann, Y; Latta, D; Nicholl, M
Jan-2013Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Plants using solar towers with thermal storage to increase plant performancePeterseim, J; Tadros, A; Hellwig, U; White, S; Saxon, G
Jan-2006An integrated Supply Demand Planning model for Perth. Client report to W.A. GovernmentMcFarlane, DJ; Inman, M; Loh, MT; Scott, I; Turner, AJ; Brennan, D
2016Integrated top-down and bottom-up model for energy and CO2 emissions analysis from Thailand’s long-term low carbon energy efficiency and renewable energy planWongsapai, W; Ritkrerkkrai, C; Pongthanaisawan, J; Sandu, S
Jan-2009An Integrated Transcriptomics And Proteomics Analysis Of The Secretome Of The Helminth Pathogen Fasciola Hepatica Proteins Associated With Invasion And Infection Of The Mammalian HostRobinson, MW; Menon, R; Donnelly, SM; Dalton, JP; Ranganathan, S
Jan-2011An Integrated View of Service Innovation in Service NetworksAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Demirkan, H; Spohrer, JC; Krishna, V
Jan-2002An Integrated Visual Framework for the Human-Web InterfaceZhang, K; Huang, M; Li, K; Kawada, S
Jan-2002Integrated Water Service Provision: Opportunities and Implications on the NSW North Coast Occasional Paper OCP 1007White, S; Campbell, S
Jan-2008Integrating a Collaborative Management Model into a Project Scorecard for efficient Cross-Company Project ManagementNiebecker, KD; Eager, DM; Kubitza, K; Plischke, D; Niebecker, K; Eager, D; Kubitza, K; Plischke, D
Jan-2007Integrating affinity propagation clustering method with linear discriminant analysis for face recognitionDu, C; Yang, J; Wu, Q; Li, F
Jan-2008Integrating Agent, Service and Organizational ComputingCao, L
28-Feb-2014Integrating An Elearning Information System Into The Classroom To Engage IT Undergraduate Students In Non IT ContentSixsmith, AJ; Gallagher, SL; Nunes, MB; Isaias, P; Powell, P