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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010From a Seller's Market to a Buyer's Market: Advertising Looks Forward to the 1950sCrawford, R; Crawford, R; Smart, J; Humphery, K
Jan-2009From Aboriginal Australia to German Autumn: on the West German reception of thirteen 'films from Black Australia'Hurley, AW
Jan-2005From ad-hoc to engineered collaboration in virtual workspacesBiuk-Aghai, RP; Simoff, SJ; Debenham, JK; Romano, N
1-May-2016From Agriculture to Mining: The Changing Economic Base of a Rural Economy and Implications for DevelopmentMcFarlane, JA; Blackwell, BD; Mounter, SW; Grant, BJ
2014From alchemy to epistemology : intuition and private midwifery in AustraliaReid, FM
Jan-2012From Alice and Evelyn to Isabella: Exploring the Narratives and Norms of "New" Surrogacy in AustraliaMillbank, J
Jan-2013From altruism to monetisation: Australian women's ideas about money, ethics and research eggsWaldby, C; Kerridge, I; Boulos, M; Carroll, KE
Jan-2008From ambivalence to activism: young people's environmental views and actionsPartridge, EY
25-Oct-2013From Analogical Proportion to Logical ProportionsPrade, H; Richard, G
1-Jan-2014From analogical proportion to logical proportions: A surveyPrade, H; Richard, G; Prade, H; Richard, G
1-Jan-2014From analogical proportions in lattices to proportional analogies in formal conceptsMiclet, L; Barbot, N; Prade, H
Jan-2007From Assimilation to Self-Determination: The Report of the Select Committee Upon AboriginesNorman, HR
Jan-2006From Audience to Inhabitant: Interaction as a medium in architectureJakovich, J; Beilharz, KA; Muller, L; Edmunds, E; Campbell, D
Jan-2003From AVHRR-NDVI to MODIS-EVI: Advances in vegetation index researchWang, ZX; Liu, C; Huete, A
Jan-2009From Bali to Poznan: An assessment of Australia's response to climate change in 2008Leary, DK
Jan-2005From Barrooms to Teahouses: Commercial Nightlife in Hainan Since 1988Feng, C; ed, JW
25-Oct-2010From Bayesian classifiers to possibilistic classifiers for numerical dataBounhas, M; Mellouli, K; Prade, H; Serrurier, M
Jan-2005From Beirut to Bankstown: The Lebanese Diaspora in Multicultural AustraliaCollins, J; Tabar, P
Jan-2011From Black Box to Open BrainO'Connell, K