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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016Introduction to the special issue of best papers from RE2015 conferenceZowghi, D; Gervasi, V
Jan-2013Introduction to the special issue on the theory and practice of embodied interaction in HCI and interaction designMarshall, P; Antle, A; van den Hoven, E; Rogers, Y
Jan-2009Introduction to the Special Issue on Volunteer TourismLyons, K; Wearing, SL; Benson, A
Jan-2009An Introduction to Thermodynamic Modeling, Thermal Analysis and CalorimetryMojumdar, SC; Prasad, R; Sun, L; Vernart, JE; Eichhorn, S; Iqbal, M; Elkamel, A; Madhurambal, G; Meenakshisundaram, S; Varshney, KG; Verenkar, V; Jona, E; Janotka, I; Ray, AS; Chowdhury, BZ
Jan-2012Introduction to this Special Issue on Designing for Personal Memories: Past, Present, and Futurevan den Hoven, E; Sas, C; Whittaker, S
1-Dec-2016INTRODUCTION TO VOLUME IV Part 1McKee, A; Aggleton, P
Jan-2013Introduction-Beyond Experiences that Make a DifferenceWearing, SL; McGehee, N
2014Introduction: '... and the moon smelt of oranges': the poetics and politics of embodiment in Jack Lindsay's poetryCranny-Francis, A
Jan-2001Introduction: 'Old contempt and new solicitude': Race relations and australian ethnographyCowlishaw, G
Jan-2009Introduction: A critical approach to the revitalization of WelshCoupland, NJ; Aldridge, M
Jan-2008Introduction: A Fragmented Stew of Themes and IssuesForrest, T
Jan-2009Introduction: A New World Disorder? The Recurring Crises in Anglo-American Corporate Governance and the Increasing Impact on European Economies and Institutions"Clarke, T; Chanlat, J; Clarke, T; Chanlat, JF
Jan-2014Introduction: an entree to organizational and managerial InnovationPitsis, TS; Simpson, A; Dehlin, E; Pitsis, TS; Simpson, AV; Dehlin, E
2008Introduction: Building Partnerships Between Oral History and Memory StudiesHamilton, P; Shopes, L; Hamilton, Paula; Shopes, Linda
2016Introduction: Children’s Literature and Culture of the First World WarPaul, L; Johnston, RR; Short, E; Paul, L; Johnston, RR; Short, E
2015Introduction: Cloud Systems in Demand-Supply ChainsSoliman, F; Soliman, F
Jan-2007Introduction: Constitutional Democracy rather than One-Party Dictatorship is the Institutional Foundation for Harmonious SocietyFeng, C; Feng Chongyi
2014Introduction: David Almond and Mystical RealismJohnston, RR; Johnston, RR
1-Jan-2016Introduction: Design Innovation for SocietyTromp, N; van der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Lloyd, P; Bohemia, E
Jan-2005Introduction: Exile and Social TransformationAllatson, P; McCormack, J