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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005From Barrooms to Teahouses: Commercial Nightlife in Hainan Since 1988Feng, C; ed, JW
25-Oct-2010From Bayesian classifiers to possibilistic classifiers for numerical dataBounhas, M; Mellouli, K; Prade, H; Serrurier, M
Jan-2005From Beirut to Bankstown: The Lebanese Diaspora in Multicultural AustraliaCollins, J; Tabar, P
Jan-2011From Black Box to Open BrainO'Connell, K
1-Jun-2012From Blanché's Hexagonal Organization of Concepts to Formal Concept Analysis and Possibility TheoryDubois, D; Prade, H
Jan-2006From bureaucratic to post‐bureaucratic: the difficulties of transitionJosserand, EL; Teo, ST; Clegg, SR
Jan-2010From bust to boom: An introductionPitelis, C
28-Jan-2016From chaos to order: Chain-length dependence of the free energy of formation of meso-tetraalkylporphyrin self-assembled monolayer polymorphsReimers, JR; Panduwinata, D; Visser, J; Chin, Y; Tang, C; Goerigk, L; Ford, MJ; Baker, M; Sum, TJ; Coenen, MJJ; Hendriksen, BLM; Elemans, JAAW; Hush, NS; Crossley, MJ
Jan-2012From Childhood Experience to ars poetica: Forming SubstitutesDe Vincenti, G
2015From clashing to matching : examining the legitimation codes that underpin shifting views about climate changeGlenn, Eleanor Louise
Jan-2011From Cloud to Green: E-Collaboration for Environmental ConservationAoun, CF; Vatanasakdakul, S; Bunker, D; N/A
Jan-2008From coal black to hospital white: new welfare entrepreneurs and the pursuit of a cleaner statusCarrillo Garcia, B; Goodman, DSG
Jan-2006From cobra grubs to dragons: negotiating the Politics of Representation in Cultural ResearchDreher, TI
Jan-2010From Communication Game to Cities TangoEdmonds, EA; Franco, F; Deussen, O; Jepp, P
Jan-2013From Communications Game to Cities TangoEdmonds, EA; Franco, F
Jan-2004From Controlling to Constructive: Youth unemployment policy in Australia and The NetherlandsMeijers, F; Te Riele, K
2002From conventions without logic to logical conventionsMorrisey, J; Leigh, E; Sohal A
1-Apr-2017From data to decisions: Processing information, biases, and beliefs for improved management of natural resources and environmentsGlynn, PD; Voinov, AA; Shapiro, CD; White, PA
2001From Davitt to deconstruction : politics and social commentary in feminist crime fictionCole, C
Jan-2010From digital libraries to digital preservation research: the importance of users and contextChowdhury, GG