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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-2018Exploring the diet and lifestyle changes contributing to weight gain among australian west african women following migration: A qualitative studySowole, OOB; Power, T; Davidson, P; Ballard, C; Jackson, D
Jan-2017Exploring the Effect of Customisation on Management Practices in High-Variety, Low-Volume ManufacturingKatic, M; Al-Kilidar, H; Agarwal, R
1-Apr-2018Exploring the effects of mental and muscular fatigue in soccer players’ performanceCoutinho, D; Gonçalves, B; Wong, DP; Travassos, B; Coutts, AJ; Sampaio, J
1-Mar-2018Exploring the experiences of neophyte nurse mentors: A qualitative studyFernandez, R; Sheppard-Law, S; Curtis, S; Bancroft, J; Smith, W
1-Jan-2017Exploring the Feasibility of Algae Building Technology in NSWWilkinson, S; Stoller, P; Ralph, P; Hamdorf, B; Catana, LN; Kuzava, GS
2016Exploring the function and behaviour of natural populations of coral reef microbesTout, Jessica Alyce
1-Jan-2009Exploring the Future of Tourism and Quality of LifeBenckendorff, P; Edwards, D; Jurowski, C; Liburd, JJ; Miller, G; Moscardo, G
2015Exploring the global in student assessment and feedback for sustainable tourism educationWearing; Tarrant, M; Schweinsberg, SC; Lyons, K; Stone, K; Moscardo, G; Benckendorff, P
2018Exploring the hidden power of worldviews : a new learning framework to advance the transformative agenda of education for sustainable developmentDe La Sienra Servin, Emilia Elena
Jan-2013Exploring the impact of peer review on the development of engineering education researchersGardner, AP; Willey, K; Lemckert, C; Jenkins, G; Lang-Lemckert, S
1-Nov-2013Exploring the in-session reflective capacity of clinical psychology trainees: An interpersonal process recall studyBurgess, S; Rhodes, P; Wilson, V
1-Dec-2017Exploring the Ineffable in Women’s Experiences of Relationality with their Stored IVF EmbryosMillbank, J
1-Jan-2004Exploring the interface between complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and rural general practice: A call for researchAdams, J
2012Exploring the key elements required for midwives to develop a new model of postnatal care within an acute care settingPassant, L
4-Jan-2018Exploring the Knowledge and Perception of Generic Medicines among Final Year Undergraduate Medical, Pharmacy, and Nursing Students in Sierra Leone: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Approach.James, PB; Bah, AJ; Margao, EK; Hanson, C; Kabba, JA; Jamshed, SQ
1-Mar-2015Exploring the link between child and youth participation and development effectivenessWinterford, KH; Willetts, J
May-2017Exploring the link between child and youth participation and development effectivenessWinterford, KH; Gero, A
1-Jan-2012Exploring the link between micronutrients and phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean during the 2007 austral summerHassler, CS; Sinoir, M; Clementson, LA; Butler, ECV
1-Jan-2018Exploring the linkages between the adoption of bim and design error reductionWong, JKW; Zhou, JX; Chan, APC
19-Dec-2004Exploring the maternity archive of the St Helens Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand, 1907-22: An historian and midwife collaborateWood, PJ; Foureur, M