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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Interpretation-Appropriation: (Making) An example of Labour Process TheoryWray-Bliss, E
Jan-2003Interpretative claims and methodological warrant in small-number qualitative, longitudinal researchYates, LS
Jan-2005Interpreting Customary Rights Orders under the Foreshore and Seabed Act: The New Jurisdiction of the Maori Land CourtDorsett, SG; Godden, L
Jan-2004Interpreting privative clauses: Implications for taxation law?Fisher, RK
2013Interpreting Robot Pointing BehaviorWilliams, M-A; Abidi, S; Gaerdenfors, P; Wang, X; Kuipers, B; Johnston, B
Jan-2013Interpreting tax statutes: Imposing purpose on a results based testFisher, RK
Jan-2012Interpreting the groundwater attributes influencing the distribution patterns of groundwater-dependent vegetation in northwestern ChinaZhu, J; Yu, J; Wang, P; Zhang, Y; Yu, Q
Jan-2013Interpreting the knowledge map of digital library research (1990-2010)Nguyen, S; Chowdhury, GG
Jan-1980Interpreting the Likelihood Ratio Statistic in Factor Models When Sample Size is SmallGeweke, J; Singleton, K
2007Interpreting the PRC Company Law through the Lens of Chinese Political and Corporate CultureHawes, C
Jan-2007Interpreting the PRC Company Law through the Lens of Chinese Political and Corporate CultureHawes, C
21-Mar-2017Interpreting the rise of long-term private renting in a liberal welfare regime contextPawson, H; Hulse, K; Morris, A
Jan-2011Interpreting the sign of coral bleaching as friend vs. foeSuggett, DJ; Smith, DJ
2015An interpretive framework for complexity in IT projectsSyed, Gaiyasudeen A.
2005An interpretive investigation of perinatal HIV transmission : from the population to the personalCruickshank, M
1-Sep-2016Interpretive WonderingsDrake, CJ; Gilbert, J
Sep-2016Interprofessional collaborative practice for medication safety: Nursing, pharmacy, and medical graduates' experiences and perspectives.Wilson, AJ; Palmer, L; Levett-Jones, T; Gilligan, C; Outram, S
Jan-2014Interprofessional learning at work: what spatial theory can tell us about workplace learning in an acute care wardGregory, LR; Hopwood, N; Boud, DJ
Jan-2012The interrelationship of governance, trust and ethics in temporary organizationsMuller, R; Andersen, E; Kvalnes, O; Shao, J; Sankaran, S; Turner, R; Biesenthal, CE; Walker, D; Gudergan, S; Messikomer, C
2007The interrelationships between adult museum visitor's learning identities and their museum experiencesKelly, LJ