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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003A Hydroinformatic Approach to the Development of Areal Reduction FactorsCatchlove, RH; Ball, JE; Boyd, MJ; Ball, JE; Babister, MK; Green, J
Jan-2006Hydrologic and land use impacts on vegetation growth and NPP at the watershed scale in a semi-arid environmentBoulain, NP; Cappelaere, B; Seguis, L; Gignoux, J; Peugeot, C
Jan-2003The Hydrological Effects of the January 94 Bush Fires on the Royal National ParkCollings, G; Ball, JE; Boyd, MJ; Ball, JE; Babister, MK; Green, J
Jan-2008Hydrological modelling using 2-D hydraulic models: Is the approach reasonable?Ball, JE; Clark, K; Babister, KM; Wang, S; Kawahara, M; Holtz, K; Tsujimoto, T; Toda, Y
Jan-2010The hydrological performance of a permeable pavementBall, JE; Rankin, K
Jan-2013Hydrotherapy: A forgotten Australian therapeutic modalityWardle, J
Jan-2003Hydrothermal conversion and sol-gel coating of Red Sea coralInnes, JK; Vago, R; Ben-Nissan, B; Ben-Nissan, B; Sher, D; Walsh, W
2013Hydrothermal growth of mop-brush-shaped ZnO rods on the surface of electrospun nylon-6 nanofibersKim, HJ; Pant, HR; Park, CH; Tijing, LD; Choi, NJ; Kim, CS
Jan-2009Hydrothermal synthesis and optical, magnetic, and supercapacitance properties of nanoporous cobalt oxide nanorodsWang, G; Shen, X; Horvat, J; Wang, B; Liu, H; Wexler, D; Yao, J
Jan-2009Hydrothermal synthesis of carbon nanotube/cobalt oxide core-shell one-dimensional nanocomposite and application as an anode material for lithium-ion batteriesWang, G; Shen, X; Yao, J; Wexler, D; Ahn, J
Jan-2014Hydrothermal synthesis of FeP4 and Fe2P-loaded alpha-Fe2O3 hollow spheres and applications in gas sensorsLiu, Q; Yang, Y; Sun, B; Su, D; li, Z; Xia, Q; Wang, G
1-Jul-2016Hydrothermal synthesis of highly luminescent blue-emitting ZnSe(S) quantum dots exhibiting low toxicity.Mirnajafizadeh, F; Ramsey, D; McAlpine, S; Wang, F; Reece, P; Stride, JA
2013Hydrothermal synthesis of I?-MnO2 and I?-MnO2 nanorods as high capacity cathode materials for sodium ion batteriesAhn, HJ; Wang, G; Su, D
Jan-2013Hydrothermal synthesis of α-MnO2 and β-MnO2 nanorods as high capacity cathode materials for sodium ion batteriesSu, D; Ahn, H; Wang, G
Jan-2013Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nickel Oxide Nanosheets for Lithium-Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors with Excellent PerformanceMondal, AK; Su, D; Wang, Y; Chen, S; Wang, G
Jan-2010Hydrothermally Processed Oxide Nanostructures And Their Lithium-Ion Storage PropertiesAhn, J; Kim, Y; Wang, G
Jan-2002Hydrothermally treated cement-based materials: past, present and futureRay, AS
Jan-2011Hydrous iron oxide for removal of inorganic contaminants in simulated stormwater: A batch sorption kinetics studyAryal, R; Vigneswaran, S; Loganathan, L; Kandasamy, JK; Mohammed, TM
Jan-1995Hydroxyapatite sintering characteristics: correlation with powder morphology by high-resolution microscopyRuys, AJ; Sorrell, CC; Brandwood, A; Milthorpe, BK
Jan-2001Hydroxyapatite-316L fibre composites prepared by vibration assisted slip castingMiao, X; Ruys, AJ; Milthorpe, BK