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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Intertemporal Labor Supply and Human Capital AccumulationImai, S; Keane, M
Jan-2008Intertextuality in the transcultural contact zoneThompson, CH; Pennycook, AD; Howard, RM; Robillard, A
Jan-2012Interval analysis method for dynamics systems with uncertain parametersWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, Y; Chen, L; Gu, PYG; Saha, DSC
Jan-2008Interval dynamic response analysis of structures with interval parametersGao, W; Zhang, N; Ma, J; Wang, X
Jan-2013Interval Dynamic Response Analysis Of Vehicle-bridge Interaction System With UncertaintyLiu, N; Gao, W; Song, C; Zhang, N; Pi, Y
Jan-2006Interval Meter Technology Trials and Pricing Experiments: Issues for Small ConsumersRiedy, C
Jan-2013Interval multi-objective optimisation of structures using adaptive Kriging approximationsLi, F; Luo, Z; Rong, J; Zhang, N
Jan-2011Interval Thermoelastic Response of Elastically Restrained Steel BeamsPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Gao, W; NA
17-Apr-2016Interval uncertain analysis of active hydraulically interconnected suspension systemLiang, J; Wu, J; Zhang, N; Luo, Z; Zhu, S
Jan-2013Interval uncertain method for multibody mechanical systems using Chebyshev inclusion functionsWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, Y; Zhang, N; Chen, L
Aug-2014An interval uncertain optimization method for vehicle suspensions using Chebyshev metamodelsWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, Y; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2015The interval uncertain optimization strategy based on Chebyshev meta-modelWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, N; Zhang, Y
2009Interval-Valued Fuzzy Formal Concept AnalysisDjouadi, Y; Prade, H
2010Interval-Valued Fuzzy Galois Connections: Algebraic Requirements and Concept Lattice ConstructionDjouadi, Y; Prade, H
Jan-2010Intervencion Farmaceutica Intervencion Farmaceutica Plaquetarios En Diabeticos Tipo 2Sendra-Lillo, J; Sabater Hernandez, D; Sendra-Ortolá, Á; Lillo Garcia, AM; Roig Sena, JC; Faus, MJ
2-Mar-2011An intervention to promote physical activity and self-management in people with stable chronic heart failure The Home-Heart-Walk study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trialDu, H; Newton, PJ; Zecchin, R; Denniss, AR; Salamonson, Y; Everett, B; Currow, D; Macdonald, P; Davidson, PM
2009Interventions in Possibilistic LogicBenferhat, S; Dubois, D; Prade, H
3-Sep-2016Interventions that improve health-related quality of life in patients with myocardial infarctionGholizadeh, L; Kang, K; Inglis, SC; Han Hae-Ra
16-Mar-2015Interventions to Reduce Harm from Smoking with Families in Infancy and Early Childhood: A Systematic ReviewBrown, N; Luckett, T; Davidson, PM; DiGiacomo, M
Jan-2012Interventions to support a palliative care approach in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: An integrative review.Disler, RT; Currow, D; Phillips, JL; Davidson, PM