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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009The internal expansion of China: Tourism and the production of distanceChio, JT; Winter, T; Teo, P; Chang, TC
Jan-2001Internal report of derivatives: some Australian evidenceMatolcsy, ZP; Petty, JD
Jan-2006Internal versus external goods - a useful distinction for understanding productive workplace learningJohnsson, MC; Tuhwai Smith, L; Zhong, Y; Kalantzis, M; Vicker, M
Jan-1987International accounting standards: an alternative rationalTaylor, SL
Jan-2009International and Cross-Cultural Management Studies: A Postcolonial ReadingJack, G; Westwood, R
Jan-2011International bank flows to emerging markets: Influence of sovereign credit ratings and their regional spillover effectsKim, S; Wu, E
Jan-2006International business and management studies as an orientalist discourse: A postcolonial critiqueWestwood, R
Sep-2014The International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare: An interprofessional global collaboration to enhance values and communication in healthcareRider, EA; Kurtz, S; Slade, D; Longmaid, HE; Ho, M-J; Pun, JK-H; Eggins, S; Branch, WT
1-Feb-2017International collaboration in scientific research in Vietnam: an analysis of patterns and impactNguyen, TV; Ho-Le, TP; Le, UV
2013International collaboration on prevention of shaken baby syndrome - an ongoing project/interventionFoley, S; Kovacs, Z; Rose, J; Lamb, R; Tolliday, F; Simons-Coghill, M; Stephens, A; Scheiber, D; Toma, A; Asboth, K; Kassai, T; Agathonos, H; Lopes, N; Williams, L; Sahin, F; Tasar, A; Sarten, T
2003International commercial arbitration and public policy : with principal reference to the laws of Australia, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United StatesTarlinton, JG
Jan-2011International Committee For Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology (icmart) World Report: Assisted Reproductive Technology 2003Nygren, K; Sullivan, E; Zegers-hochschild, F; Mansour, R; Ishihara, O; Adamson, G; De Mouzon, J
Jan-2005International comparison of cost for the construction sector: Purchasing power parityWalsh, KD; Sawhney, A; Brown, A
Jan-2004International comparison of cost for the construction sector: Towards a conceptual modelSawhney, A; Walsh, KD; Brown, A
Jan-2004International comparison of factors associated with delay in presentation for AMI treatmentMcKinley, SM; Dracup, K; Moser, D; Ball, C; Yamasaki, K; Kim, C; Barnett, M
Jan-2009International Comparison of Sustainable Rating ToolsReed, R; Bilos, A; Wilkinson, SJ; Schulte, K
Jan-2005An international comparison of underground economic activitySchneider, FG; Bajada, C; Bajada, C; Schneider, F
Jan-2009International comparisons in valuing EQ-5D health states: A review and analysisNorman, R; Cronin, PA; Viney, RC; King, MT; Street, D; Ratcliffe, J
Jan-2005International Comparisons of Construction Industry Performance: Further InvestigationsBest, RA; Langston, CA; Sidwell, AC
Jan-2010International Comparisons of Malaysian Construction Labour ProductivityChia, F; Skitmore, M; Runeson, G; Bridge, A; Barrett, P; Amaratunga, D; Haigh, R; Keraminiyage, K; Pathirage, C