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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Gender, Sex and Visibility in Refugee Decisions on Sexual OrientationMillbank, J
Jan-2003Gender, Visibility and Public Space in Refugee DecisionsMillbank, J
2-Mar-2011Gender, Work and Organizations in Popular CultureRhodes, CH; Pullen, A; Jeanes, E; Knights, D; Martin, PY
Jan-2012Gender-based occupational segregation in Russia: An empirical studyKlimova, A; Ross, R
Jan-2006The gendered impact on organisations of a critical mass of women in senior managementChesterman, CJ; Ross-Smith, AE; Peters, M
2013Gendered Language PortfolioPrice, J
Jan-2004Gendered rationality? A genealogical exploration of the philosophical and sociological conceptions of rationality, masculinity and organization.Ross-Smith, AE; Kornberger, MM
2013Gendered Violence PortfolioPrice, J
Jan-2004Gendering radio research: the circuit of everyday radioLloyd, JR; Dunn, A
Jan-2001Gendering Sport: the Development of Netball in AustraliaTaylor, TL
Jan-2003Gendering Teamwork: Rewriting the FeminineMetcalfe, B; Pullen, A
Jan-2006Gendering the research self: social practice and corporeal multiplicity in the writing of organizational researchPullen, A
2017Gene and stem cell therapy for type 1 diabetes mellitusGerace, Dario
Jan-2003The gene cassette metagenome is a basic resource for bacterial genome evolutionHolmes, A; Gillings, M; Nield, BS; Mabbutt, BC; Nevalainen, K; Stokes, H
Jan-2001Gene cassette PCR: Sequence-independent recovery of entire genes from environmental DNAStokes, H; Holmes, A; Nield, BS; Holley, MP; Nevalainen, K; Mabbutt, BC; Gillings, M
Jan-2010Gene Cassette Transcription In A Large Integron-Associated ArrayMichael, CA; Labbate, M
Jan-2009Gene cassettes encoding resistance to quaternary ammonium compounds: a role in the origin of clinical class 1 integrons?Gillings, M; Xuejun, D; Hardwick, SA; Holley, MP; Stokes, H
Nov-2015Gene duplication, loss and selection in the evolution of saxitoxin biosynthesis in alveolates.Murray, SA; Diwan, R; Orr, RJS; Kohli, GS; John, U
Dec-2014Gene expression and molecular evolution of sxtA4 in a saxitoxin producing dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella.Wiese, M; Murray, SA; Alvin, A; Neilan, BA
Jan-1990Gene expression and the development of live enteric vaccinesCharles, IG; Dougan, G