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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006An investigation of pre-service secondary mathematics teachers' beliefs as they begin their teacher trainingPrescott, AE; Cavanagh, M; Grootenboer, P; Zevenbergen, R; Chinnappan, M
2007An investigation of query techniques for semistructured dataRuttananontsatean, Narongdech
5-Nov-2016An Investigation of Recurrent Neural Architectures for Drug Name RecognitionChalapathy, R; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
Jan-2010Investigation of Reducing Fatigue and Musculoskeletal Disorder with Passive ActuatorsCarmichael, MG; Liu, D; Waldron, K; Luo, RC; Asama, H
2011Investigation of rotor position detection schemes for PMSM drives based on analytical machine model incorporating nonlinear salienciesWang, Y
1-Dec-2012Investigation of saturation and excitation behavior of 1.5 μm emission from Er3+ ions in SiO2 sensitized with Si nanocrystalsTimmerman, D; Saeed, S; Gregorkiewicz, T; Roldán Gutiérrez, MA; Molina, SI
Jan-2006Investigation of single-nucleotide polymorphisms associated with ethnicityDaniel, R; Walsh, SJ; Piper, AA; Amorim, A; Corte-Real, F; Morling, N
Jan-2007An investigation of sol gel coated zirconia thin films on anodised titanium substrate by secondary ion mass spectrometry and scanning electron microscopyRoest, RS; Atanacio, AJ; Latella, BA; Wuhrer, R; Ben-Nissan, B
Jan-2013Investigation of sterols as potential biomarkers for the detection of pig (S. s. domesticus) decomposition fluid in soilsVon Der Luhe, B; Dawson, L; Fiedler, SL; Mayes, R; Forbes, SL
29-Aug-2016Investigation of structural glass relaxation in regenerated fiber bragg gratingsLancry, M; Cook, K; Poumellec, B; Canning, J
Jan-2012Investigation of synchroniser engagement in dual clutch transmission equipped powertrainsWalker, PD; Zhang, N
2016An investigation of synthetic body covering materials in soil burials for forensic applicationSullivan, Clare Elizabeth
Jan-2004Investigation of the Behaviour Of An AVR in a Ballast Load Frequency Controlled Stand Alone Mircohydroelectric SystemJarman, R; Bryce, P; Saha, T
Jan-2013An investigation of the construct validity of the ICECAP-A capability measureAl-Janabi, H; Peters, T; Brazier, JE; Bryan, S; Flynn, TN; Clemens, S; Moody, A; Coast, J
8-Sep-2016An investigation of the degradation of polymeric grave goods in soil environmentsStuart, BH; Sullivan, C; Thomas, P; Kars, H; van den Eijkel, L
Jan-2005Investigation of the degradation of sandstones in Sydney's heritage buildingsIp, K; Ray, AS; Stuart, BH; Thomas, P; Modena, C; Lourenco, PB; Roca, P
2009Investigation of the difference in modelling approaches between 1D and 2D flood modelsHannan, JM
2007An investigation of the dynamic characteristics of hydraulic power steering systemsWang, Miao
1-Sep-2016Investigation of the effect of heated ethanol fuel on combustion and emissions of an ethanol direct injection plus gasoline port injection (EDI + GPI) engineHuang, Y; Hong, G
2016An investigation of the impact factors to increase citizens' engagement in e-participation on e-government in Saudi ArabiaAlharbi, Abdullah Masad J.