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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012'It's more than just having a baby' women's experiences of a maternity service for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander familiesHomer, C; Foureur, M; Allende, T; Pekin, F; Caplice, S; Catling, C
Jan-2004It's more than the money: the relationship between social values and demographic change in sustaining a rural general practitioner workforceCheney, HE; Willetts, JR; Wilson, E
Jan-2005It's Mostly About Me: Reasons why volunteers contribute their time to museums and art museumsEdwards, DC
Feb-2015'It's part of me', understanding the values, images and principles of coastal users and their influence on the social acceptability of MPAsVoyer, M; Gollan, N; Barclay, K; Gladstone, W
20-Aug-2013It's Simple Really, Women Can And Women DoPrice, J
Jan-2006"It's the Same Old Song": Draconian Counter-Terrorism Laws and the Deja Vu of Indigenous AustraliansWatson, N; Davis, MJ
-It's timeAnderson, B; Cole, T; Goodrum, A; Anderson, B; Cole, T
Jan-2013It's time for the nursing profession to leverage social mediaFerguson, C
Jan-2006Itadakimasu: Who's getting the most out of Asia education in Australia?Buchanan, JD
Jan-2012An Italian 'Neighbourhood' in Tianjin: Little Italy or colonial spaceMarinelli, M; Goodman, B; Goodman, DSG
Jan-2010Italian immigrants and the built environment in rural AustraliaJordan, K; Krivokapic-Skoko, B; Collins, J; Bonanno, A; Bakker, H; Jussaume, R; Kawamura, Y; Shucksmith, M
Jan-2013The Italian Production of Space in Tianjin: heterotopia and emotional capitalMarinelli, M; Brady, AM; Brown, D
-Italiani di SydneyVanni Accarigi, I
Jan-2010Italy and/in China: Remaking the Urban form and Rewriting History in TianjinMarinelli, M; Andall, J; Duncan, D
-ITC Publications-
Jan-2009Iterated D-SLAM map joining: evaluating its performance in terms of consistency, accuracy and efficiencyHuang, S; Wang, Z; Dissanayake, G; Frese, U
2015Iterated Function System-Based Crossover Operation for Real-Coded Genetic AlgorithmLing, SH
Jan-2008Iterated SLSJF: A Sparse Local Submap Joining Algorithm with Improved ConsistencyHuang, S; Wang, Z; Dissanayake, G; Frese, U; ARAA
Jan-2003An iterative algorithm for scheduling UET tasks with due dates and release timesZinder, Y
Jan-2010An Iterative Approach for Fitting Multiple Connected Ellipse Structure to SilhouetteXu, R; Kemp, M