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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Investment advice on bricks and mortar: is it as safe as houses?Mangioni, V
Jan-2010Investment decisions for retirement savingsBateman, H; Louviere, JJ; Thorp, SJ; Islam, T; Satchell, S
Jan-2003Investment director turnover and the impact on performanceGallagher, DR; Nadarajah, P
8-Jul-2015The Investment Experience of the Australian Seniors' Living and Care SectorsTowart, L
Jan-2010Investment in seed dispersal structures is linked to invasiveness in exotic plant species of south-eastern AustraliaMurray, B; Phillips, M
Jan-2003Investment manager characteristics, strategy, top management changes and fund performanceGallagher, DR
Jan-2010Investment manager skill in small-cap equitiesChen, C; Comerton-Forde, C; Gallagher, DR; Walter, TS
Jan-2003Investment strategies in market uncertaintyBendall, HB; Stent, A
Jan-2010Investor Behaviour In Response To Australia's Capital Gains TaxBrown, PR; Ferguson, AC; Sherry, S
Jan-2006Investor overreaction during market declines: evidence from the 1997 Asian financial crisisMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, K
2012Investors' distraction and strategic repricing decisionsNavone, M
Jan-2012Investors' distraction and strategic repricing decisionsNavone, M
Jan-2008Investors' trading behavior and performance: Online versus non-online equity trading in KoreaOh, NY; Parwada, JT; Walter, TS
2013Invisibility and supervisibility: Radiation dynamics in a discrete electromagnetic cloakRahmani, A; Steel, M; Chaumet, P
2003The invisibility of midwifery : will developing professional capital make a difference?Brodie, Patricia
Jan-2005The Invisible Ally: Marketing Australia's War in IraqJakubowicz, AH; Jacka, L; Artz, L; Kamalipour, Y
26-Apr-2014Invisible Connections: Investigating Older People’s Emotions and Social Relations Around ObjectsVaisutis, K; Brereton, M; Robertson, TJ; Vetere, F; Durick, J; Nansen, B; Buys, L
28-Aug-2015Invisible practices; innovative outcomes: intrapreneurship within the academyDovey, KA; Rembach, M
Jan-2010The 'Invisible walls' and 'Silent hierarchies': A case study of power relations in an architecture firmBrown, A; Kornberger, MM; Clegg, SR; Carter, C
10-Dec-2014Invisible writing practices in the engineering curriculumGoldsmith, RJ; Willey, K