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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Interminable Design: Techne and Time in the Design of Sustainable Service SystemsTonkinwise, C; Calvera, A
Jan-2013Intermittent aeration strategy to enhance organics and nitrogen removal in subsurface flow constructed wetlandsFan, J; Zhang, B; Zhang, J; Ngo, H; Guo, W; Liu, F; Guo, Y; Wu, H
Jan-2010Intermittent claudication as a predictor of outcome in patients with ischemic systolic heart failure: analysis of the Controlled Rosuvastatin Multinational Trial in Heart Failure trial (CORONA).Inglis, S; McMurray, JJ; Bohm, V; Schaufelberger, M; van Veldhuisen, D; Lindberg, M; Dunselman, P; Hjalmarson, A; Kjekshus, J; Waagstein, F; Wedel, H; Wikstrand, J
Mar-2016Intermittent Estuaries: Linking Hydro-geomorphic Context to Climate Change ResilienceSaintilan, N; Rogers, K; Toms, C; Stein, ED; Jacobs, D
Jan-2011Intermittent-Sprint Performance and Muscle Glycogen after 30 h of Sleep DeprivationSkein, M; Duffield, R; Edge, J; Short, M; Mundell, T
7-Apr-2015Intermixed adatom and surface-bound adsorbates in regular self-assembled monolayers of racemic 2-butanethiol on Au(111)Ouyang, R; Yan, J; Jensen, PS; Ascic, E; Gan, S; Tanner, D; Mao, B; Niu, L; Zhang, J; Tang, C; Hush, NS; Reimers, JR; Ulstrup, J
7-Apr-2015Intermixed Adatom and Surface-Bound Adsorbates in Regular Self-Assembled Monolayers of Racemic 2-Butanethiol on Au(111)Ouyang, R; Yan, J; Jensen, PS; Ascic, E; Gan, S; Tanner, D; Mao, B; Niu, L; Zhang, J; Tang, C; Hush, NS; Reimers, JR; Ulstrup, J
Jan-2010Internal and External Spaces: The Emotional Capital of Tianjin's Italian ConcessionMarinelli, M
30-Oct-2014Internal Audit of AACA Processes in Migration AssessmentsOrr, K
Jan-2005Internal electric field densities of metal nanoshellsSchelm, S; Smith, G
Jan-2009The internal expansion of China: Tourism and the production of distanceChio, JT; Winter, T; Teo, P; Chang, TC
Jan-2001Internal report of derivatives: some Australian evidenceMatolcsy, ZP; Petty, JD
Jan-2006Internal versus external goods - a useful distinction for understanding productive workplace learningJohnsson, MC; Tuhwai Smith, L; Zhong, Y; Kalantzis, M; Vicker, M
Jan-1987International accounting standards: an alternative rationalTaylor, SL
Jan-2009International and Cross-Cultural Management Studies: A Postcolonial ReadingJack, G; Westwood, R
Jan-2011International bank flows to emerging markets: Influence of sovereign credit ratings and their regional spillover effectsKim, S; Wu, E
Jan-2006International business and management studies as an orientalist discourse: A postcolonial critiqueWestwood, R
Sep-2014The International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare: An interprofessional global collaboration to enhance values and communication in healthcareRider, EA; Kurtz, S; Slade, D; Longmaid, HE; Ho, M-J; Pun, JK-H; Eggins, S; Branch, WT
1-Feb-2017International collaboration in scientific research in Vietnam: an analysis of patterns and impactNguyen, TV; Ho-Le, TP; Le, UV