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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013'It used to be a Dingy Kind of Joint': Reflections on Pubs and the Past in Pyrmont and UltimoCrawford, R; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
2003'It was good to be home' : nostalgia in Australian picture books 1970-1997Morrow, RM
2007'It wasn't me it was my soccer boots!' : women, sport and identity : an exploration of identity through amateur women's soccerLedlin, Jacinta
Jan-2005It's a Child's Game: Investigating Cognitive Development with Playing RobotsJohansson, B; Balkenius, C; Not listed
Jan-2011It's a dog-eat-croc world: Dingo predation on the nests of freshwater crocodiles in tropical AustraliaSomaweera, R; Webb, JK; Shine, R
Jan-2007It's A Long Way From The Office To The Creek Bed: Remote Area Mental Health Nursing In AustraliaO'Brien, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2004"It's a personal thing" volunteer motivation across two generations in a Sydney area health service - implications for managementGreen, J; Blackett, D
Jan-2004It's About This: Lesbians, Prison, DesireMillbank, J
Jan-2005It's About This: Lesbians, Prison, DesireMillbank, J; Michael Freeman
8-May-2012It's absolutely no good telling young women that they should be more careful.Price, J
Mar-2016It's agony for us as well: Neonatal nurses reflect on iatrogenic pain.Green, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D
Jan-2008'It's All About Me!' Gendered Narcissism and Leaders' Identity WorkPullen, A; Rhodes, CH
2010It's all about place shapingPugalis, L
Jan-2002It's all there in black and white: media studies and the theorising of race and ethnicitty on the world wide webLeung, LT
Jan-2006It's always here, it's always on: Australia balances management of availability using mobile technologiesSadler, KA; Robertson, TJ; Kan, MM; Roykkee, M
Jan-2008'It's Always There, It's Always On': Australian Freelancer's Management of Availability Using Mobile TechnologiesSadler, KA; Robertson, TJ; Kan, MM; Nieminen, M; Röykkee, M
Jan-2004'It's an Interesting Conversation I'm Hearing': The Doctor as ManagerIedema, RA; Degeling, PJ; Braithwaite, J; White, L
Jan-2007It's beyond water: Stories of women's experience of using water for labour and birthMaude, R; Foureur, M
2003It's broke so fix it: arguments for a bill of rightsBehrendt, L
Jan-2003It's broke so fix it: arguments for a bill of rightsBehrendt, LY