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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008'Glacial at best': Women's progress on corporate boards in AustraliaRoss-Smith, AE; Bridge, J; Vinnicombe, S; Singh, V; Burke, R; Bilimoria, D; Huse, M
Jan-2006Glass breaks : from nickel sulfide inclusionsRay, AS; Jacob, L
Jan-2001Glass Particles in Footwear of members of the Public in South Eastern Australia - A SurveyRoux, CP; Kirk, R; Benson, SJ; Van Haren, T; Petterd, C
Jan-2003The Gleeson Court on Constitutional Law: An Empirical Analysis of its First Five YearsLynch, AN
Jan-2013Glioma microvesicles carry selectively packaged coding and noncoding RNAs which alter gene expression in recipient cellsLi, CC; Eaton, SA; Young, PE; Lee, M; Shuttleworth, R; Humphreys, DT; Grau, G; Combes, V; Bebawy, M; Gong, J; Brammah, S; Buckland, ME; Suter, CM
-Glitter and DanceHighshots Photography 2010
-glitter and dance showroompanoramic-
1996The glittering thread : the 1954 Royal Tour of AustraliaConnors, Jane Holley
24-Oct-2016Global and local influence-based social recommendationZhang, Q; Wu, J; Yang, H; Lu, W; Long, G; Zhang, C
Jun-2014Global and Local Structure Preservation for Feature SelectionLiu, XW; Wang, L; Zhang, J; Yin, JP; Liu, H
Apr-2014Global and time-resolved monitoring of crop photosynthesis with chlorophyll fluorescence.Guanter, L; Zhang, Y; Jung, M; Joiner, J; Voigt, M; Berry, JA; Frankenberg, C; Huete, AR; Zarco-Tejada, P; Lee, J-E; Moran, MS; Ponce-Campos, G; Beer, C; Camps-Valls, G; Buchmann, N; Gianelle, D; Klumpp, K; Cescatti, A; Baker, JM; Griffis, TJ
1-Jan-2012A global approach towards teaching ethics in international businessRammal, HG; Al-Beraidi, A; Duncan, N; Gasper, L; Gentile, M; Huang, HJ; Islam, G; Mølbjerg Jørgensen, K; Mangia, G; Stookey, S; Vaiman, V; Eon Yu, J
13-Jun-2017A global assessment of the chemical recalcitrance of seagrass tissues: Implications for long-term carbon sequestrationTrevathan-Tackett, SM; Macreadie, PI; Sanderman, J; Baldock, J; Howes, JM; Ralph, PJ
Jan-2012Global biogeography of SAR11 marine bacteria.Brown, MV; Lauro, FM; DeMaere, MZ; Muir, L; Wilkins, D; Thomas, T; Riddle, MJ; Fuhrman, JA; Andrews-Pfannkoch, C; Hoffman, JM; McQuaid, JB; Allen, A; Rintoul, SR; Cavicchioli, R
Jan-2004Global Body of Project Management Knowledge and StandardsCrawford, L; Morris; G, PW; Pinto; J; K
Jan-2009Global Capitalism and the Production of InsecurityGoodman, J; Grenfell, D; James, P
Jan-2013Global change-type drought-induced tree mortality: vapor pressure deficit is more important than temperature per se in causing decline in tree healthEamus, D; Boulain, NP; Cleverly, J; Breshears, DD
Jan-2013Global Cities And Multinational Enterprise Location StrategyGoerzen, A; Asmussen, C; Nielsen, BB
Jan-2014Global Citizenry, Educational Travel and Sustainable Tourism: Evidence from Australia and New ZealandTarrant, MA; Lyons, K; Wearing, S; Stoner, L; Kyle, GT; Poudyal, N
3-Apr-2014Global Citizenship as a Learning Outcome of Educational TravelStoner, KR; Tarrant, MA; Perry, L; Stoner, L; Wearing, S; Lyons, K