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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007A General Method for Designing the Transformer of Flyback Converters Based on Nonlinear FEA of Electromagnetic Field Coupled with External CircuitChen, J; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Kim, YJ
Jan-2003A General Model-based DiagnosisCheng, X; Ouyang, D; Zhang, C; Budin, L; Luzar-Stiffler, V; Bekic, Z; Dobric, VH
Jan-2010General Practice As a Fortress Occupational Violence and General Practice ReceptionistsMagin, P; Joyce, T; Adams, J; Goode, S; Cotter, G
Jan-2004General practice encounters for psychological problems in rural, remote and metropolitan areas in AustraliaCaldwell, TM; Jorm, AF; Knox, SA; Braddock, D; Dear, KB; Britt, H
Jan-2008General practitioners' assessment of risk of violence in their practice: results from a qualitative studyMagin, P; Adams, J; Joy, E; Ireland, M; Heaney, S; Darab, S
15-Mar-2017General practitioners' perceptions of population based bowel screening and their influence on practice: a qualitative study.Dawson, G; Crane, M; Lyons, C; Burnham, A; Bowman, T; Perez, D; Travaglia, J
1-May-2014General practitioners' use of absolute risk versus individual risk factors in cardiovascular disease prevention: an experimental study.Jansen, J; Bonner, C; McKinn, S; Irwig, L; Glasziou, P; Doust, J; Teixeira-Pinto, A; Hayen, A; Turner, R; McCaffery, K
Oct-2013General practitioners' use of different cardiovascular risk assessment strategies: a qualitative study.Bonner, C; Jansen, J; McKinn, S; Irwig, L; Doust, J; Glasziou, P; Hayen, A; McCaffery, K
Dec-2000General practitioners, complementary therapies and evidence-based medicine: the defence of clinical autonomy.Adams, J
1-May-2016General Purpose Cement with Increased Limestone Content in AustraliaMohammadi, IJ; South, W
1-Jun-2016General recyclable redox-metallothermic reaction route to hierarchically porous carbon/metal compositesLee, KJ; Choi, S; Park, S; Moon, HR
2002General Reference frame modelling of the doubly fed twin stator induction machine using space vectorBoardman, G; Zhu, J; Ha, Q; Zahedi A
Jan-2006The General Secretory Pathway of Burkholderia gladioli pv. agaricicola BG164R Is Necessary for Cavity Disease in White Button MushroomsRoy Chowdhury, P; Heinemann, JA
Jan-2012General Spatial Skyline OperatorLin, Q; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Li, A; Lee, SG; Peng, Z; Zhou, X; Moon, YS; Unland, R; Yoo, J
Jan-2007General tensor discriminant analysis and Gabor features for gait recognitionTao, D; Li, X; Wu, X; Maybank, S
Jan-1997General theory of three-dimensional radiance measurements with optical microprobesFukshansky-Kazarinova, N; Fukshansky, L; Kuhl, M; Jørgensen, BB
Jan-2007Generalisation of the transfer matrix formulation of the theory of electron and photon conductanceBotten, LC; Asatryan, AA; Nicorovici, NA; McPhedran, RC; de Sterke, CM
Jan-2004A generalised (M,NR) MIMO Rayleigh channel model for non-isotropic scatterer distributions.Smith, DB; Abhayapala, TD; Aubrey, TA; al, PEPWCCERBCCE
Jan-2013A Generalised Arbitrage-free Nelson-siegel Model: The Impact Of Unspanned Stochastic VolatilityChen, R; Du, K
Jan-2011Generalised Extreme Value geoadditive model analysis via variational BayesNevillea, SE; Wand, M; Stein, A; Pebesma, E; Heuvelink, G