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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007H-infinity control of active vehicle suspensions with actuator time delayDu, H; Zhang, N
Jan-2010H1N1 Pandemic Planning In A Mental Health Residential FacilityHughes, FA
27-Dec-2016H2<inf>2</inf>-based optimal sparse sliding mode control for networked control systemsArgha, A; Li, L; Su, SW; Nguyen, H
Jan-1998A H2S microsensor for profiling biofilms and sediments: application in an acidic lake sedimentKuhl, M; Steuckart, C; Eickert, G; Jeroschewski, P
2012Habitat alteration and community-level effects of an invasive ecosystem engineer: a case study along the coast of NSW, AustraliaGallucci, F; Hutchings, P; Gribben, P; Fonseca, G
Jul-2014Habitat and Habitus: Boxed-in versus Box-Breaking ResearchAlvesson, M; Sandberg, J
Jan-2005Habitat characteristics influence macrofaunal communities in coralline turf more than mesoscale coastal upwelling on the coast of Northern ChileKelaher, BP; Castilla, JC
Jan-2007Habitat choice, recruitment and the response of coral reef fishes to coral degradationFeary, DA; Almany, G; Mccormick, MI; Jones, G
Jan-2006Habitat preferences and site fidelity of the ornate wobbegong shark (Orectolobus ornatus) on rocky reefs of New South WalesCarraro, R; Gladstone, W
Jan-2008Habitat preferences of Port Jackson Sharks, Heterodontus portusjacksoni, in the coastal waters of Eastern AustraliaPowter, DM; Gladstone, W
2006Habitat requirements and habitat use of the red-crowned toadlet Pseudophryne Australis and the giant burrowing frog Heleioporus Australiacus in the Sydney basinStauber, AG
Jan-2007Habitat selection by the common wombat (Vombatus ursinus) in disturbed environments: Implications for the conservation of a 'common' speciesRoger, E; Laffan, S; Ramp, D
2012Habitat selection in a rocky landscape: experimentally decoupling the influence of retreat site attributes from that of landscape featuresPike, D; Webb, J; Shine, R; Croak, B
12-Jun-2012Habitat selection in a rocky landscape: experimentally decoupling the influence of retreat site attributes from that of landscape features.Croak, BM; Pike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
Jan-2006Habitat use by triplefin species (Tripterygiidae) on rocky reefs in New ZealandFeary, DA; Clements, K
1-Jan-2013Habituated interaction and social objectsNansen, B; Vetere, F; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Durick, JI
Jan-2013Habituation and sensitisation learning in ASMO cognitive architectureNovianto, R; Johnston, BG; Williams, M; Herrmann, G; Pearson, M; Lenz, A; Bremner, P; Spiers, A; Leonards, U
Jan-2006Hacia una nueva historia literaria centroamericanaBrowitt, J
Jan-2004Hadrian in HellFalconer, DC; Frank Moorhouse
2009Haematological, inflammatory, and immunological responses in elite judo athletes maintaining high training loads during RamadanChaouachi, A; Coutts, A; Wong, D; Roky, R; Mbazaa, A; Amri, M; Chamari, K