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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014The lived experiences of patients post coronary angioplasty: a qualitative studyHasankhani, H; Gholizadeh, L; Mohammadi, E; Zamanzadeh, V; Allahbakhshian, A; Ghaffari, S; Allahbakhshian, M
Jan-2001The Liver's Shuxie FunctionGarvey, M; Lifang, Q
Jan-2002Lives in the balance: a comment on Hinings and Greenwoods disconnects and consequences in organization theoryClegg, SR
2014Living behind the wall and socio-economic implications for those outside the wall: Gated communities in Malaysia and GhanaObeng-Odoom, F; Elhadary, YA; Jang, HS
Apr-2015Living in Hope and Desperate for A Miracle: NICU Nurses Perceptions of Parental AnguishGreen, J
Jan-2008Living In The Red Zone: The Experience Of Child-To-Mother ViolenceEdenborough, M; Jackson, DE; Mannix, J; Wilkes, L
Jan-2006Living laboratories for interactive artMuller, E; Edmonds, EA
Jan-2006Living Laboratories: Making and Curating Interactive ArtMuller, E; Edmonds, EA; Mitchell, B
-Living MorphologiesMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA; Brayer, MA; Migayrou, F
Jan-2007Living on Cybermind: Categories, Communication and ControlMarshall, J
Jan-2009Living on the Margins: Comparing Older Private Renters and Older Public Housing Tenants in Sydney, AustraliaMorris, A
Jan-2012Living on the margins: The capabilities of older renters in Sydney, AustraliaMorris, A; Panzironi, F; Gelber, K
Jan-2010Living on the Outside: cultural diversity and the transformation of public space in MelbourneJakubowicz, AH; Moustafine, M
Jan-2008Living with bushfire risk: Social and environmental influences on preparednessPaton, D; Burgelt, P; Prior, TD
Jan-2009Living With Hepatitis C And Treatment: The Personal Experiences Of PatientsSgorbini, M; O'Brien, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2005LMI Characterization For The Convex Hull Of Trigonometric Curves And ApplicationsHoang, TD; Son, TT; Vo, B; Nguyen, TQ; NA
Jan-2007LMI relaxation to Riccati equations in structured H2 controlLi, L; Paganini, F
2-Mar-2016Load capacity prediction of in-service timber utility poles considering wind loadYu, Y; Li, J; Yan, N; Dackermann, U; Samali, B
Jan-2010Load Prediction in Communications NetworkLin, K; Simoff, SJ; Prodan, A; Debenham, JK; Jiang Hui