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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Is It the Right Time for the Enterprise to Adopt Software-as-a-Service Model?Vorisek, J; Feuerlicht, G
2004Is Judicial Dissent Constitutionally Protected ?Lynch, A
Jan-2004Is Judicial Dissent Constitutionally Protected ?Lynch, AN
Jan-2010Is Kokoda ready for World Heritage Status?Reggers, AL; Wearing, SL; Faulkner, S
Jan-2009Is lack of competition in the retail grocery sector a public health issue?Wardle, J; Baranovic, M
Jan-2008Is liquidity symmetric? A study of newly listed internet and technology stocksMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, K
Jan-2012Is low dose inhaled corticosteroid therapy as effective for inflammation and remodeling in asthma? A randomized, parallel group studyBaraket, M; Oliver, BG; Burgess, J; Lim, S; King, G; Black, J
Jan-2013Is microfoundational thinking critical to management thought and practice?Devinney, TM
Jan-2004Is minimum-support appropriate to identifying large itemsets?Zhang, S; Liu, L; Lu, J; Ou, Y; Zhang, C; Guesgen, H; Yeap, W
Jan-2002Is Native Title A Proprietary RightGray, J
Jan-2006Is older goodwill value relevant?Bugeja, M; Gallery, N
Jan-2007Is policy leading to improved sustainability at the local urban scale?Ghosh, S; Vale, R; -
Jan-2011Is productivity of mesic savannas light limited or water limited? Results of a simulation studyWhitley, RJ; Macinnis-Ng, CM; Hutley, LB; Beringer, J; Zeppel, MJ; Williams, M; Taylor, DT; Eamus, D
2011Is productivity of mesic savannas light limited or water limited? Results of a simulation studyWhitley, RJ; Macinnis-Ng, CMO; Hutley, LB; Beringer, J; Zeppel, M; Williams, M; Taylor, D; Eamus, D
Jan-2007Is property being over taxed - a NSW studyKarantonis, AC
Jan-2009Is Protection Really for Sale? A Survey and Directions for Future ResearchImai, S; Katayama, H; Krishna, K
2014Is public-private partnership a panacea for infrastructure development? the case of Beijing National StadiumKe, Y
Jan-2006Is qualitative research always exploratory?Spanjaard, DC; Freeman, LM; Ali, Y; van Dessel, M
Jan-2014Is recovery driven by central or peripheral factors? A role for the brain in recovery following intermittent-sprint exercise.Minett, G; Duffield, R
Jan-1998Is salinity the only water quality parameter affected when saline water is disposed in rivers?Kefford, B