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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008IFAI Design Exhibition 2008 CatalogueO'Mahony, M
Jan-1999IFN-gamma mediates a novel antiviral activity through dynamic modulation of TRAIL and TRAIL receptor expressionSedger, LM; Shows, DM; Blanton, RA; Peschon, JJ; Goodwin, R; Cosman, D; Wiley, SR
Jan-2001IgM Expressed by Leukemic CD5+B Cells Binds Mouse Immunoglobulin Light ChainWeston, KM; Tangye, SG; Dunn, R; Smith, A; Morris, M; Raison, RL
18-Oct-2017Ignition of New Product Diffusion in Entrepreneurship: An Agent-Based ApproachShim, J; Bliemel, MJ
Jan-2012"Ignoble but Lucrative" : Quacks, Ads, and RegulationCrawford, R
Jan-2007Ignoring the Evidence: Comments on the Debate on Antipodean Neoliberal Workplace Reform and Labour ProductivityPerry, LJ
Jan-2010Ikaros: Building Cognitive Models for RobotsBalkenius, C; Moren, J; Johansson, B; Johnsson, M
Jan-2010Il 'pensiero peregrino' nel Secondo Futurismo Fiorentino: quando la macchina investe lo spiritoDe Vincenti, G
Jan-2007Il diventare arte aborigena. Due mostre di oggetti aborigeni dalla collezione BerndtVanni Accarigi, I; Tamisari, F; Blasio, FD
Jan-2013Il genio del Secondo Futurismo Fiorentino tra macchina e spiritoDe Vincenti, G
Mar-2016IL-17A increases TNF-α-induced COX-2 protein stability and augments PGE2 secretion from airway smooth muscle cells: impact on β2 -adrenergic receptor desensitization.Rumzhum, NN; Patel, BS; Prabhala, P; Gelissen, IC; Oliver, BG; Ammit, AJ
Jan-2013The IL-6 response to Chlamydia from primary reproductive epithelial cells is highly variable and may be involved in differential susceptibility to the immunopathological consequences of chlamydial infection.Cunningham, K; Stansfield, SH; Patel, P; Menon, S; Kienzle, V; Allan, JA; Huston, WM
Jan-2009Ilan Stavans's Latino USA: A Cartoon History (of a Cosmopolitan Intellectual)Allatson, P; L'Hoeste, HF; Poblete, J
Jan-2006Ilan Stavans's Latino USA: A Cartoon History (of a Cosmopolitan Intellectual)Allatson, P
Jan-2011Ill health unleashed? Cities and Municipal Services in GhanaObeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2010Illegal dumping and crime prevention: A case study of Ash Road, Liverpool CouncilCrofts, P; Morris, T; Wells, K; Powell, A
Jan-2010Illegitimate Practices: Global English Language EducationWidin, J
Jan-2013Illicit drugs: WADA and the need for policy reformAdair, D
Jan-2007Illness perceptions influence involvement in rehabilitation programs and adoption of lifestyle changes following acute myocardial infarctionUrlic, K; Davidson, PM; DiGiacomo, M
23-Dec-2016Illuminating and addressing two ‘black holes’ in public communicationMacnamara, JR