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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Artefact design using FDM parts together with handcrafted partsPandolfo, B; Marjanovic, D; Storga, M; Pavkovic, N; Bojcetic, N; Skec, S
Feb-2016Artefact ‘Scripts’ and the Performer-DeveloperCarey, B
2016Artemis : foregrounding queer voices using transmedia storytellingKrikowa, Natalie
Jan-2010Artesunate-clindamycin multi-kinetics and site-specific oral delivery system for antimalaric combination productsStrusi, OL; Barata, P; Traini, D; Young, P; Mercuri, S; Colombo, G; Sonvico, F; Bettini, R; Colombo, P
Jan-2008Articulating identities: Communities, histories, migrationsRamanathan, V; Pennycook, AD
Jan-2011Artificial Bee Colony based Data Mining Algorithms for Classification TasksShukran, MA; Chung, YY; Yeh, W; Wahid, N; Zaidi, AM
Jan-2012The Artificial Immune System Approach for Smart Air-Conditioning ControlChaczko, ZC; Aslanzadeh, S; Kuleff2, JA
Jan-2013Artificial immune system for attribute weighted Naive Bayes classificationWu, J; Zhu, X; Zheng, S; Cai, Z; Angelov, P; Levine, D; Erdi, P
Jan-2008Artificial Immune System Inspired Danger Modelling in Wireless Mesh NetworksMohamed Mowjoon, D; Agbinya, JI; Chaczko, ZC; Braun, RM; Zahirul Alam
Jan-2011Artificial marine habitats in the Arabian Gulf: Review of current use, benefits and management implicationsFeary, DA; Burt, JA; Bartholomew, A
2014Artificial Neural Networks/Fuzzy-based model applications in water engineering systemsSingh, G
Jun-2014Artificial water points facilitate the spread of an invasive vertebrate in arid AustraliaLetnic, M; Webb, JK; Jessop, TS; Florance, D; Dempster, T
2015Artisan culture : rethinking sustainability through collaborative exchange between emerging Australian designers and Indian artisans in fashion and textilesLantry, Julie Louise
Jan-2013The Artist as Trickster: Pertinent-Impertinent Thinking in Western SydneyLally, E; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2009Artist, evaluator and curator: three viewpoints on interactive art, evaluation and audience experienceEdmonds, EA; Bilda, Z; Muller, E
Jan-2005An artistic approach to designing visualisations to aid instrumental music learningJohnston, AJ; Marks, B; Edmonds, EA; Kinshuk; Sampson, D; Isaias, P
2014Artistic Research - Collateral Damage or Epistemological Tool? Writing from the Inside of PracticeBrejzek, T; Wallen, L; Ravelli, L; Paltridge, B
2007Artistry under oath : biography and the life story of Hephzibah MenuhinKent, J
Jan-2011The artists and their projectsLally, E; mar, P; Ang, I; Anderson, K; Kelly, M; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
Jan-2009Arts Journalism and Exiled Writers: A Case Study of Fugal, Reflexive PracticeSkilbeck, R