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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007The impact of nanomaterials on Li-ion rechargeable batteriesLiu, HK; Wang, G; Guo, ZP; Wang, JZ; Konstantinov, K
Jan-2009The Impact of New Trends in the Delivery and Utilization of Enterprise ICT on Supplier and User OrganizationsVorisek, J; Feuerlicht, G; Al-Hakim, L; Memmola, M
Jan-2005The impact of non-health attributes of care on patients' choice of GPHaas, MR
1-Feb-2014The Impact Of Nonhip Nonvertebral Fractures In Elderly Women And MenBliuc, D; Nguyen, T; Eisman, J; Center, J
Jan-2006The impact of nurse turnover on patient, nurse, and system outcomes: A pilot study and focus for a multicenter international studyO'Brien-Pallas, L; Griffin, P; Shamian, J; Buchan, J; Duffield, CM; Hughes, FA; Spence Laschinger, H; North, N; Stone, P
Jan-2010The impact of nurses on patient morbidity and mortality- the need for a policy change in response to the nursing shortageTwigg, DE; Duffield, CM; Thompson, PL; Rapley, P
Apr-2016The Impact of Observed Trauma on Parents in a PICU.Khanna, S; Finlay, JK; Jatana, V; Gouffe, AM; Redshaw, S
Jan-2005Impact of operator expertise on collection of APACHE II score and on the derived risk of death and standardized mortality ratioLedoux, D; Finfer, S; McKinley, SM
2013The impact of organisational restructuring on the working lives and identities of faculty-based administrative staff : a study of Australian universitiesNg, SSY
Jan-2004The impact of organizational settings on creativity and learning in alliancesBucic, T; Gudergan, S
2015The impact of patient transfers and bedspace moves on nurse workloadBlay, Nicole
12-Mar-2007Impact of Phase Noise in MIMO-OFDM SystemsRao, RM
Jan-2015Impact of physical and psychological factors on health-related quality of life in adult patients with liver cirrhosis: a systematic review protocol.Polis, S; Fernandez, R
2009The impact of physical planning policy on household energy use and greenhouse emissionsRickwood, P
Jan-2009The impact of physical planning policy on household energy use and greenhouse emissions (PhD Thesis)Rickwood, P
2005The impact of power on collaborative quality in an agri-food supply chainScott, J
Jan-2011Impact Of Prehospital Delay In Treatment Seeking On In-Hospital Complications After Acute Myocardial InfarctionWu, J; Moser, D; Riegel, BJ; McKinley, SM; Doering, L
8-Feb-2012The impact of process effectiveness on user interest in contributing to the open source software projectsGhapanchi, AH; Aurum, A; Daneshgar, F
Jan-2014The Impact of Project Management on SME ProductivityPollack, JB; Adler, D; PMI