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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Highly ordered mesoporous MoS2 with expanded spacing of the (002) crystal plane for ultrafast lithium ion storageLiu, H; Su, D; Zhou, R; Sun, B; Wang, G; Qiao, SZ
Jan-2011Highly ordered mesoporous NiO anode material for lithium ion batteries with an excellent electrochemical performanceLiu, H; Wang, G; Liu, J; Qiao, S; Ahn, H
1-Dec-2013Highly ordered mesoporous silica microfibres produced by evaporative self-assembly and fracturingCanning, J; Ma, M; Gibson, BC; Shi, J; Cook, K; Crossley, MJ
Jan-2012Highly photostable near-infrared fluorescent pH indicators and sensors based on BF2-chelated tetraarylazadipyrromethene dyesJokic, T; Borisov, SM; Saf, R; Nielsen, DA; Kuhl, M; Klimant, I
Jan-2013A Highly Practical Approach Toward Achieving Minimum Data Sets Storage Cost In The CloudYuan, D; Yang, Y; Liu, X; Li, W; Cui, L; Xu, M; Chen, J
3-Jul-2015Highly responsive MoS2 photodetectors enhanced by graphene quantum dotsCaiyun Chen, QB
Jan-2005Highly Scalable Routing Strategies: DZTR Routing ProtocolAbolhasan, M; Wysocki, T; Wysocki, TA; ArekDadej; Wysocki, BJ
Jan-2002Highly Selective Protein Patterning on Gold-Silicon Substrates for Biosensor ApplicationsVeiseh, M; Zareie, HM; Zhang, M
2-Dec-2015Highly sensitive FM frequency scavenger integrated in building materialsShariati, N; Rowe, WST; Ghorbani, K
18-Dec-2014Highly sensitive rectifier for efficient RF energy harvestingShariati, N; Rowe, WST; Ghorbani, K
Jan-2015A Highly-Adjustable Base Isolator Utilizing Magnetorheological Elastomer: Experimental Testing and ModelingLi, Y; Li, J
-HighlystrungPigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; Leach, N; Wei-Guo, X; Snooks, R
5-Apr-2015Highs and lows: The effect of differently sized freshwater inflows on estuarine carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria and chlorophyll a dynamicsHitchcock, JN; Mitrovic, SM
Jan-2006Highway of DeathMacris, A
Jan-2010Highways of Desire: Cross-Border Shopping in Former Yugoslavia, 1960s-1980sMikula, MH; Grandits, H; Taylor, K
2002Hijacking country of origin imageFletcher, R; Bell, J; Tynan AC; Ennew CT; Winklhofer H; O'Malley L; McKechnie S; Mitussis D; Patterson M; Liao M-N
Jan-2008Hiking in the Alps: Exploring Substitution Patterns of Hiking DestinationsThiene, M; Scarpa, R
Jun-1989The Hillsborough Incident - An estimation of the maximum allowable capacities of pens 3 and 4Health and Safety Commission
Jun-1989The Hillsborough Incident - An investigation into the number of people entering the stadium through turnstiles A to G and through Gate CHealth and Safety Commission
Jun-1989The Hillsborough Incident - An investigation into the number of people in pens 3 and 4Health and Safety Commission