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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The impact of the Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young merger on the Australian audit services marketBond, DK
Jan-2013The impact of the Baby Friendly Health Initiative in the Australian health care system a critical narrative review of the evidenceAtchan, MA; Davis, D; Foureur, M
Jan-2004The impact of the Basel II capital accord on Australian banks.Docherty, PT; Terry, C; Trayler, RM; Gup, B
Sep-2012Impact of the Design of Neonatal Intensive Care Units on Neonates, Staff, and FamiliesShahheidari, M; Homer, CS
1-Nov-2017Impact of the displacement on Sirius residentsMorris, A; Dunn, J; Peake, B; Piscopo, A
Jan-2011Impact of the excitation source and plasmonic material on cylindrical active coated nano-particles.Arslanagic, S; Liu, Y; Malureanu, R; Ziolkowski, RW
Sep-2014Impact of the Healthy Eating and Exercise Lifestyle Programme on depressive symptoms in overweight people with heart disease and diabetes.Gallagher, R; Zelestis, E; Hollams, D; Denney-Wilson, E; Kirkness, A
Jan-2009The Impact of the Indonesian Health Card Program: A Matching Estimator ApproachJohar, M
2006The impact of the Internet on English language teaching : a case study at a Thai Rajabhat UniversityNoytim, U
Jan-2002Impact of the internet upon pluralistic industrialismSpooner, KB; O'Neill, BW
Jan-2011The Impact Of The Nursing Hours Per Patient Day (Nhppd) Staffing Method On Patient Outcomes: A Retrospective Analysis Of Patient And Staffing DataTwigg, DE; Duffield, CM; Bremner, A; Rapley, P; Finn, J
Jan-2013Impact of the Parkinson's disease medication protocol program on nurses' knowledge and management of Parkinson's disease medicines in acute and aged care settingsChenoweth, L; Sheriff, J; McAnally, L; Tait, FM
Jan-2009The impact of the Ralph Review Tax Reform on corporate capital investment in AustraliaRichardson, G; Lanis, R
Jan-2004Impact of the Service Model for delivering enterprise applications over the internetFeuerlicht, G; Vorisek, J
Jan-2004The Impact of the State on Workers' Conditions: Comparing Taiwanese Factories in China and VietnamChan, A; Wang, H
Jan-2007Impact of Topology Control on the Performance of a Self-Organization Scheme for Wireless Mesh NetworksMirchandani, VR; Prodan, A; Debenham, JK; Jairo Gutierrez
31-Oct-2016Impact of treated urban wastewater for reuse in agriculture on crop response and soil ecotoxicityBelhaj, D; Jerbi, B; Medhioub, M; Zhou, J; Kallel, M; Ayadi, H
29-Jan-2014Impact of uncertainties in exposure assessment on estimates of thyroid cancer risk among Ukrainian children and adolescents exposed from the Chernobyl accident.Little, MP; Kukush, AG; Masiuk, SV; Shklyar, S; Carroll, RJ; Lubin, JH; Kwon, D; Brenner, AV; Tronko, MD; Mabuchi, K; Bogdanova, TI; Hatch, M; Zablotska, LB; Tereshchenko, VP; Ostroumova, E; Bouville, AC; Drozdovitch, V; Chepurny, MI; Kovgan, LN; Simon, SL; Shpak, VM; Likhtarev, IA
Jan-2004The impact of United States recreational fisheries on marine fish populationsColeman, F; Figueira, WF; Ueland, J; Crowder, L
Jan-2004The impact of varying amounts of more and less salient product information upon consumer willingness to pay.Wise, C; Louviere, JJ; Wiley, J; Thirkell, P