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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Inter-generational Changes in Entrepreneurial Values of Chinese AustraliansChelliah, J; Lee, H
Jan-2010Inter-hemispheric electroencephalography coherence analysid: assessing brain activity during monotonous drivingJap, B; Lal, S; Fischer, P
1-Dec-2015Inter-institutional Collaboration for Social Innovation: The Case of Social Impact Bonds as Translational DevicesLogue, DM; Clegg, S; Hollerer, M
2004Inter-Organisational Relationships for Events Tourism Strategy Making in Australian States and TerritoriesStokes, RL
Jan-2008The inter-personal dynamics of call-centre interactions: co-constructing the rise and fall of emotionHood, S; Forey, G
Jan-2007Inter-polyp genetic and physiological characterisation of Symbiodinium in an Acropora valida colonyUlstrup, K; Ralph, PJ; van Oppen, MJ; Kuhl, M
Oct-2016Inter-Rater Agreement of Auscultation, Palpable Fremitus, and Ventilator Waveform Sawtooth Patterns Between Clinicians.Berry, MP; Martí, J-D; Ntoumenopoulos, G
1-Jul-2016Inter-rater reliability using a reflective rubric to assess pharmacy students' reflective thinkingTsingos-Lucas, C; Bosnic-Anticevich, S; Schneider, CR; Bartimote-Aufflick, K; McEntee, MF; Smith, L
Jan-2002Inter-sectorial engagement: multiplexing between business and nonprofit organisations in AustraliaEdwards, M; Onyx, J; Bennington, L
Jan-2006Interacting Business Cycle Fluctuations: A Two-Country ModelChiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Hung, H
Jan-2011Interacting psycho-economics expectations ratios with equity/debt realities suggests a crisis warning methodThornton, BS; Thornton-Benko, E; Groen, L
Jan-2007Interacting Two-Country Business Fluctuations: Euroland and the USAAsada, T; Chiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Franke, R; Mazzi, G; Savio, G
Jan-2004Interacting with Electronic InstitutionsDebenham, JK; Galindo, F; Takizawa, M; Traunmuller, R
Jan-2001Interaction adaptivity in cooperative agent for emergent process managementLin, A; Debenham, JK; Lu, H; Spaccapietra, S
Jan-2007Interaction as a Medium in Architectural DesignJakovich, J; Beilharz, KA
Jan-2011Interaction between Australian carbon prices and energy pricesCotton, DJ; Trueck, S
Jan-2012Interaction between maternal obesity and post-natal over-nutrition on skeletal muscle metabolismSimar, D; Chen, H; Lambert, K; Mercier, J; Morris, MJ
2007The interaction between synthetic jet and adverse pressure gradient boundary layer flowsLee, C
2015Interaction design in multidimensional visualization : techniques for multidimensional data visualization, exploration and visual analyticsHuang, T
Jan-2005Interaction of forces on caissons in undrained soilsTaiebat, HA; Carter, JP; Uchida, K; Chung, J; Allersma, H; Park, H; Sayed, M