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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Measurement of trust in salesperson-customer relationships in direct sellingYoung, LC; Albaum, GS
Jan-2010Measurement uncertainty as a threshold concept in PhysicsWilson, A; Akerlind, G; Francis, P; Kirkup, L; McKenzie, JA; Pearce, D; Sharma, M; Sharma, M
Jan-2008A Measurement-Driven Process Model for Managing Inconsistent Software RequirementsMu, K; Jin, Z; Zowghi, D; None known
Jan-2001Measurements of String Tension in a Tennis RacketCross, RC; Bower, R
Jan-2003Measurements Used in Software Quality EvaluationWong, B; Al-Ani, B; Arabnia, HR; Mun, Y
Jan-2009Measures of asthma control and quality of life: Longitudinal data provide practical insights into their relative usefulness in different research contextsKing, MT; Kenny, PM; Marks, GB
Jan-2009Measuring a boom and bust: The Sydney housing market 2001-2006Hill, R; Melser, D; Syed, I
Jan-2006Measuring agility and adaptibility of agile methods: A 4 dimensional analytical toolGill, AQ; Henderson-Sellers, B; Guimaraes, N; Isaias, P; Goikoetxea, A
Jan-2009Measuring and comparing civil societiesLyons, MJ
Jan-2013Measuring and valuing quality of life for public health research: application of the ICECAP-O capability index in the Australian general population.Couzner, L; Ratcliffe, J; Lester, L; Flynn, TN; Crotty, M
Jan-2012Measuring Building Adaptability and Street VitalityMarch, A; Rijal, Y; Wilkinson, SJ; Özgür, EF
Apr-2011Measuring closing price manipulationComerton-Forde, C; Putniņš, TJ
Jan-2006Measuring consumer vanity: A cross-cultural validationWang, PZ; Waller, DS
Jan-2007Measuring Consumers' Attitudes to LuxuryStegemann, N; Denize, SM; Miller, K; Askegaard, S; Merunka, D; Sirgy, J
Jan-2001Measuring Costs/Benefits of E-Business Applications & Customer SatisfactionLu, J; Publisher
Jan-2005Measuring credit spreads: evidence from Australian EurobondsBatten, J; Hogan, W; Jacoby, G
Jan-2016Measuring delirium point-prevalence in two Australian palliative care inpatient units.Hosie, A; Lobb, E; Agar, M; Davidson, P; Chye, R; Lam, L; Phillips, J
Jan-2007Measuring equity market integration using uncorrelated information flows: Tokyo, London and New YorkMilunovich, G; Thorp, SJ
Jan-2002Measuring health system resource use for economic evaluation: a comparison of data sourcePollicino, C; Viney, RC; Haas, MR