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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Modeling taxa-abundance distributions in microbial communities using environmental sequence dataSloan, WT; Woodcock, SM; Lunn, M; Head, I; Curtis, TP
1-Sep-2015Modeling Technological Topic Changes in Patent ClaimsChen, H; Zhang, YI; zhang, G; ZHU, D; Lu, J; Daim, T
Jan-2003Modeling Temporal Semantics of DataZhang, S; Zhang, C; Qin, Z
Jan-2012Modeling the Appraisal of Cloud Systems' ImplementationSoliman, F
Jan-2008Modeling the choices of individual decision-makers by combining efficient choice experiment designs with extra preference informationLouviere, JJ; Street, D; Burgess, LB; Wasi, N; Islam, T; Marley, AA
Jan-2007Modeling the effects of including/excluding attributes in choice experiments on systematic and random componentsIslam, T; Louviere, JJ; Burke, PF
Jan-2004Modeling the volatility and expected value of a diversified world indexPlaten, E
Jan-2011Modeling user hidden navigational behavior for Web recommendationXu, G; Li, L; Zhang, Y; Yi, X; Kitsuregawa, M
Jan-2005Modeling View for the Semantic Web: As a mechanism for modeling sub-ontologiesRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Abraham, A; Yong Han, S; Hung-Chang Du, D; Paprzycki, M
Jan-2005Modeling Views for semantic web using eXtensible semantic (XSemantic)NetsRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Feng, L; Dillon, TS; Meersman, R; Tari, Z; Herrero, P
Jan-2006Modeling views in the layered view model for XML using UMLRajagopalapillai, R; Dillon, TS; Chang, E; Feng, L
Jan-2005Modeling water and carbon fluxes above summer maize field in North China Plain with back-propagation neural networksQin, Z; Su, G; Yu, Q; Hu, B; Li, J
Jan-2011Modeling waveguides in photonic woodpiles using the fictitious source superposition methodKan, DJ; Asatryan, AA; Poulton, CG; Dossou, KB; Botten, LC
Jan-2010Modeling Wheat And Maize Productivity As Affected By Climate Variation And Irrigation Supply In North China PlainChen, C; Wang, E; Yu, Q
Jan-2010Modeling whether, what and how much to buy the right way: An empirical analysis with implications for model building.Eckert, C; Klapper, D
Jan-2006Modelle der klienten-berater-interaktion und ihre empirische bedeutung in der beratungspraxisNikolova, N; Reihlen, M; Schlapfner, J; Reihlen, M; Rohde, A
Jan-2003Modelling a hierarchy of consumer decision states: the choice of island holiday destinations and dvd playersLouviere, JJ; Waller, DS; Smith, M; Kennedy, R
Jan-2004Modelling a Holonic Network System using Cellular Automata for Detecting Traffic CongestionChaczko, ZC; Gulrez, T; Al-Hmouz, R; Braun, RM; Beata; Wysocki; Tadeusz
Jan-2005Modelling an Agile Web Maintenance ProcessKong, X; Liu, L; Lowe, DB; Richardson, K; Gregory, W; Midgley, G
Jan-2002Modelling an industrial manipulator a case studyValls Miro, J; White, AS