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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Modelling of particle deposition in a submerged membrane microfiltration systemPradhan, M; Vigneswaran, S; Ben Aim, R; Kandasamy, JK
Jan-2009Modelling of photonic crystal fiber based on layered inclusionsGrujic, T; Kuhlmey, B; De Sterke, C; Poulton, CG
Jan-2013Modelling of size effects in microforming processes with consideration of grained heterogeneityLu, HN; Wei, D; Jiang, ZY; Liu, XH; Manabe, K
Jan-2006Modelling of soil improvement induced by tree root suctionFatahi, B; Indraratna, B; Khabbaz, H; Buys, H; Hewitt, P; Moyle, R
Jan-2012Modelling Of Strip Shape And Profile During Cold Rolling Of Ultra Thin StripJiang, Z; Cheng, X; Du, X; Wei, D; He, X
Jan-2000Modelling of structural response and optimization of structural control system using neural network and genetic algorithmLi, QS; Liu, DK; Leung, AY; Zhang, N; Tam, CM; Yang, LF
Jan-2010Modelling of submerged membrane flocculation hybrid systems using statistical and artificial neural networks methodsErdei, L; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, JK
Jan-2010Modelling of surface mounted PM machines incorporating saturation saliency and frequency variationWang, Y; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Li, Y; Xu, W; Hu, J; Wang, S; Technical Committee
Jan-2013Modelling of the Evolution of Crack of Nano Scale in IronWei, D; Jiang, Z; Han, J
2014Modelling of the hot deformation behaviour of a titanium alloy using constitutive equations and artificial neural networkZhao, J; Ding, H; Zhao, W; Huang, M; Wei, D; Jiang, Z
Jan-2014Modelling of unsaturated ground behaviour influenced by vegetation transpirationFatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Indraratna, B
Jan-2005Modelling of wildlife fatality hotspots along the snowy mountain highway in New South Wales, AustraliaRamp, D; Caldwell, J; Edwards, K; Warton, D; Croft, DB
Jan-2005Modelling on-site detention on a catchment-wide basisBeecham, SC; Kandasamy, JK; Khiadani, MH; Trinh, DV
Jan-2005Modelling ontology views - An abstract view model for Semantic WebRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Wouters, C; Bramer, M; Terziyan, V
Jan-2012Modelling Photosynthesis In Shallow Algal Production PondsRitchie, RJ; Larkum, A
Jan-2012Modelling polar wurtzite ZnS nanoparticles: the effect of sulphur supersaturation on size- and shape-dependent phase transformationsFeigl, CA; Barnard, A; Russo, S
2002Modelling polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellBalkin, A; Holland, B; Zhu, J; Zahedi A
Jan-2008Modelling Roof runoff in a Small Urban CatchmentCheah, C; Ball, JE; Cox, R; Lambert, MEA
Jan-2007Modelling software development methodologies: a conceptual foundationGonzalez Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B
Jan-2012Modelling sovereign ratings impacts on stock return distributions within a multivariate regime switching long memory frameworkDo, H; Brooks, R; Treepongkaruna, S; Wu, E; al, FME