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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Modelling Roof runoff in a Small Urban CatchmentCheah, C; Ball, JE; Cox, R; Lambert, MEA
Jan-2007Modelling software development methodologies: a conceptual foundationGonzalez Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B
Jan-2012Modelling sovereign ratings impacts on stock return distributions within a multivariate regime switching long memory frameworkDo, H; Brooks, R; Treepongkaruna, S; Wu, E; al, FME
Jan-2004Modelling Spaces and the UMLUnhelkar, B; Henderson-Sellers, B; Khosrow-Pour, M
Jan-2007Modelling Street Surface RunoffBall, JE; Alexander, M; Gourbesville, P; Cunge, J; Guinot, V; Liong, SY
2012Modelling supply chain gapsSukara, B
Jan-2006Modelling suppression of cyanobacterial blooms by flow management in a lowland riverMitrovic, S; Chessman, B; Bowling, LC; Cooke, RH
2014Modelling Sustainable Spending Plans for Family Offices, Foundations and TrustsSatchell, S; Thorp, SJ; Rudd, A; Satchell, S
Jan-2010Modelling the appraisal of quality management programsSoliman, F
Jan-2005Modelling the Australian Property Investment Universe: A Preliminary StudyHiggins, DM
Jan-2007Modelling the Buy and Sell Intensity in a Limit Order Book MarketHall, AD; Hautsch, N
Jan-2007Modelling the commercial property market: an emperical study of the Singapore office marketNg, B; Higgins, DM
Jan-2001Modelling the currency forward risk premium: A new perspectiveBhar, R; Chiarella, C; Pham, TM
2014Modelling the effect of nutrient supply, temperature and light intensity on cnidarian-algae symbiosisGustafsson, MSM
2010Modelling the effects of climate variability and water management on crop water productivity and water balance in the North China plainChen, C; Wang, E; Yu, Q
Jan-2010Modelling the effects of climate variability and water management on crop water productivity and water balance in the North China PlainChen, C; Wang, E; Yu, Q
Jan-2013Modelling the effects of dispersal mechanisms and hydrodynamic regimes upon the structure of microbial communities within fluvial biofilmsWoodcock, SM; Besemer, K; Battin, TJ; Curtis, TP; Sloan, WT
Jan-2009Modelling the erosion rate of chemically stabilized soil incorporating tensile force - deformation characteristicsIndraratna, B; Muttuvel, T; Khabbaz, H
Jan-2011Modelling the evolution of credit spreads using the Cox process within the HJM framework: A CDS option pricing modelChiarella, C; Fanelli, V; Musti, S
Jan-2005Modelling the impact of population-based cytologic screening on cervical cancer incidence and mortality in Hong Kong: an age-period-cohort approachWoo, PP; Thach, TQ; Choy, S; McGhee, SM; Leung, GM