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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Investigation to Charge Cooling Effect of Evaporation of Ethanol Fuel Directly Injected in a Gasoline Port Injection EngineHuang, Y; Hong, G; Cheng, X; Huang, R; SAE
5-Dec-2016Investigation to Combustion and Emission Characteristics of the Dual Ethanol Injection Spark Ignition EngineAl-Muhsen, N; Wang, J; Hong, G
2014Investigation to direct ethanol injection in spark ignition gasoline enginesZhuang, Y
Jan-2013Investigation to Leveraging Effect of Ethanol Direct Injection (EDI) in a Gasoline Port Injection (GPI) EngineZhuang, Y; Hong, G; editors, N; Library, PISAED
2016Investigation to the ride and handling of vehicle with interconnected suspensionsXu, Guangzhong
2016Investigations into air pollutant concentrations across inner Sydney and their relationships with urban forestryIrga, Peter Jacob
2013Investigations into efficient implicit LOD-FDTD using orthogonal and non-orthogonal meshesRana, MM
Jan-2013Investigations of Split Injection Strategies for the Improvement of Combustion and Soot Emissions Characteristics Based On the Two-Color Method in a Heavy-Duty Diesel EngineCheng, X; Chen, L; Yan, F; Hong, G; Yin, Y; Liu, H; SAE
Jan-2008Investigations of the temporal variation of cyanobacterial and other phytoplanktonic cells at the offtake of a large reservoir, and their survival following passage through itIngelton, T; Kobayashi, T; Sanderson, B; Patra, R; Macinnis-Ng, CM; Hindmarsh, B; Bowling, LC
Jan-2011Investigative journalism in the academy: possibilities for storytelling across time and spaceBacon, W
1985An investigative study of computer guidance systems for project cost controlLangston, CA
Jan-2013Investing in Savings: Finance and cooperative approaches to electricity demand management - A scoping study for the Clean Energy Finance CorporationDunstan, C; Sharpe, SA; Downes, J
Jan-2006Investment advice on bricks and mortar: is it as safe as houses?Mangioni, V
Jan-2010Investment decisions for retirement savingsBateman, H; Louviere, JJ; Thorp, SJ; Islam, T; Satchell, S
Jan-2003Investment director turnover and the impact on performanceGallagher, DR; Nadarajah, P
8-Jul-2015The Investment Experience of the Australian Seniors' Living and Care SectorsTowart, L
Jan-2010Investment in seed dispersal structures is linked to invasiveness in exotic plant species of south-eastern AustraliaMurray, B; Phillips, M
Jan-2003Investment manager characteristics, strategy, top management changes and fund performanceGallagher, DR
Jan-2010Investment manager skill in small-cap equitiesChen, C; Comerton-Forde, C; Gallagher, DR; Walter, TS
Jan-2003Investment strategies in market uncertaintyBendall, HB; Stent, A