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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Modelling the properties of gold nanopropertiesSoulé de Bas, Benjamin Jean-Sébastien
Jan-2013Modelling the relationship between child abuse and long-term health care costs and wellbeing: results from an Australian community-based surveyReeve, RD; Van Gool, K
Jan-2011Modelling The role of Human Resource Management in the Innovation ChainSoliman, F
2006Modelling the structural behaviour of the fold-away shelterRondero, TRE
Jan-2008Modelling time reversal experiments in the optical domainMarks, B; Steel, MJ; Rahmani, A; IEEE
Jan-2007Modelling Trust In Wireless Sensor Networks from the Sensor Reliability ProspectiveMomani, M; Challa, S; Aboura, K; Sobh, T; Elleithy, K; Mahmood, A; Karim, M
Jan-2009Modelling Trust, Honour and Reliability in Business RelationshipsDebenham, JK; Chang, E; Hussain, F; Kayacan, E
Jan-2013Modelling urban populations of the Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca) to inform managementSmith, AC; Munro, UH; Figueira, WF
Jan-2008Modelling User Behaviour for Web Recommendation Using LDA ModelXu, G; Zhang, Y; Yi, X; *
27-Nov-2014Modelling vegetation water-use and groundwater recharge as affected by climate variability in an arid-zone Acacia savanna woodlandChen, C; Eamus, D; Cleverly, J; Boulain, N; Cook, P; Zhang, L; Cheng, L; Yu, Q
2011Modelling water and carbon canopy fluxesWhitley, RJ
Jan-2003Modelling water quality in drinking water service reservoirsChou, P; Ball, JE; Fisher, IH
Jan-2011Modelling with AgentsArgente, E; Ghassan, B; Fuentes-Fernandez, R; Henderson-Sellers, B; Low, GC; Gleizes, MP; Gomez-Sanz, JJ
2012Modelling, data mining and visualisation of genetic variation dataAloqaily, A
Jan-2010Modelling, parameter estimation and testing of a vehicle with anti-roll systemsWang, L; Zhang, N; Du, H; Teh, K; Davies, I; Howard, I
2013Modelling, Simulations, and Optimisation of Electric Vehicles for Analysis of Transmission Ratio SelectionWalker, P; Abdul Rahman, S; Zhu, B; Zhang, N
Jan-2007Models and algorithm for fuzzy multi-objective multi-follower linear bilevel programmingZhang, G; Lu, J; Dillon, TS; No
Jan-2007Models and algorithms for fuzzy multi-objective multi-follower linear bilevel programming in a partial cooperative situationZhang, G; Lu, J; Zeng, X; Li, T; Xu, Y; Ruan, D
2014Models for Community DynamicsXu, G; Wu, Z; Cao, J; Tao, H; Alhajj, R; Rokne, J
Jan-2007Models for guidance in kagome-structured hollow-core photonic crystal fibresPearce, GJ; Weiderhecker, GS; Poulton, CG; Burger, S; Russell, PS