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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015How Far Can BIM Reduce Information Asymmetry in the Australian Construction Context?Forsythe, P; Sankaran, S; Biesenthal, C
Jan-2009How far does screening women for domestic (partner) violence in different health-care settings meet criterian for a screening programme? Systematic reviews of nine UK National Screening Committee criteriaFeder, G; Ramsay, J; Dunne, D; Rose, M; Arsene, C; Norman, R; Kuntze, S; Spencer, A; Bacchus, L; Hague, G; Warburton, A; Taket, A
2008How far from here is home : space and silence in creative practiceHeyman, K
Jan-2011How far have we come with trace DNA since 2004? The Australian and New Zealand experienceRaymond, J; Van Oorschot, R; Walsh, SJ; Gunn, PR; Roux, CP
Jan-2010How far is SLAM from a linear least squares problem?Huang, S; Lai, Y; Frese, U; Dissanayake, G; Luo, RC; Asama, H
Jan-2010How far must trees be cultivated from the edge of the flood plain to provide best river bank protection?Esfahani, FS; Keshavarzy, A
Jan-2011How frequent are numbers?Coupland, NJ
Jan-2007How Generic are Project Management Knowledge and PracticeCrawford, L; Pollack, JB
Jan-2006How good corporate reputations create corporate valueDowling, GR
Jan-2012How good is your organisational knowledge?Soliman, F
1-Apr-2012How groups reach agreement in risky choices: An experimentZhang, J; Casari, M
Jan-2011How Guanxi relates to Social Capital? A Psychological PerspectiveHuang, K; Wang, KY
2016How has the Relevance of Institutional Brokerage Changed?Fong, KYL; Foster, FD; Gallagher, DR; Lee, AD
1-Jan-2015How High Should They Jump? An Empirical Method for Setting Municipal Financial Ratio Performance BenchmarksDrew, J; Dollery, B
Jan-2004How Homo Became Sapiens: On the Evolution of ThinkingGardenfors, P
Jan-2010How important are brands? A cross-category, cross-country studyFischer, M; Völckner, F; Sattler, H
Jan-2004How important is technology-related support when employees work from home?Baker, E; Avery, GC; Crawford, JD; Gopalkrishnan, S
Jan-2004How inconsistency in choice behaviour affects the magnitude of parameter estimates obtained in discrete choice modelsPihlens, D; Louviere, JJ; Wiley, J; Thirkell, P
2012How influence worksDaylight, TB
2011How it feels, not just how it looks : towards an understanding of kinaesthetic and proprioceptive experiences of interaction with technologyLarssen, ATA