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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Key concepts in postgraduate certificates in higher education teaching and learning in Australasia and the United KingdomKandlbinder, PA; Peseta, T
30-Aug-2016Key Drivers of Seasonal Plankton Dynamics in Cyclonic and Anticyclonic Eddies off East AustraliaLaiolo, L; McInnes, AS; Matear, R; Doblin, MA
Jan-2010Key elements of a lean six sigma framework for Indonesian SMEsAmar, K; Davis, D; Wirabhuana, A; Abrori, M; Amar, K
Jan-2004Key factors and developmental influences important to reaching senior management positions in AustraliaMukhi, SK; Markovic, K; Stewart, G; Hyland, P
6-Dec-2015Key Feature-Based Approach for Efficient Exploration of Structured EnvironmentsPaul, G; Quin, P; Yang, C; Liu, D
Jan-2010Key features and context-dependence of fishery-induced trophic cascadesSalomon, AK; Gaichas, SK; Shears, NT; Smith, JE; Madin, EM; Gaines, SD
8-Jul-2015Key performance indicators for construction contractors in developing countries: a case study of JordanKamardeen, I; Alkilani, S; Jupp, JR
Jan-2012Key Research Issues for Privacy Protection and Preservation in Cloud ComputingZhang, G; Yang, Y; Zhang, X; Liu, C; Chen, J; Liu, J; Chen, J; Xu, G
Jan-2007Key stakeholders' expectations of education outcomes from Australian critical care nursing courses: a Delphi studyMarshall, AP; Currey, J; Aitken, LM; Elliott, D
Jan-2003Key Success Factors for Delivering Application ServicesFeuerlicht, G; Vorisek, J; Vorisek, J
Jan-2007Key Thinkers in Higher Education Teaching and Learning Research and DevelopmentKandlbinder, PA; Crisp, G; Hicks, M
Jan-2007Key writing challenges of practice-based doctoratesSan Miguel, CL; Nelson, C
Jan-2011Keynes and the general theory after seventy-five yearsO'Donnell, R
Jan-2011Keynes's Analysis of Economic Crises and Monetary Policy in the General Theory: Its Relevance after 75 yearsDocherty, PT
Jan-2012Keynes's general theory, the quantity theory of money and monetary policyDocherty, PT; Thomas Cate
Jan-2006Keynes's principles of writing (innovative) economicsO'Donnell, R
Jan-2013Keynes, the dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model, and the business cycleChiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Semmler, W; Ryuzo Kuroki
Jan-2010Keynesian disequilibrium dynamics: Estimated convergence, roads to instability and the emergence of complex business fluctuationsChiarella, C; Hung, H; Flaschel, P
Jan-2004Keynesian dynamics and the wage-price spiral: a baseline disequilibrium approachAsada, T; Chen, P; Chiarella, C; Flaschel, P; -
Jan-2006Keynesian dynamics and the wage-price spiral: a baseline disequilibrium modelAsada, T; Chen, P; Chiarella, C; Flaschel, P