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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1999Interdaily Volatility in a Continuous Order-Driven MarketLam, PHL; Tong, WHS
Jan-2006The interday reliability of leg and ankle musculotendinous stiffness measuresMcLachlan, KA; Murphy, AJ; Watsford, ML; Rees, SS
Jan-2012Interdependence of Booking and Queuing in Remote Laboratory SchedulingLowe, DB; Orou, NE; NA
Jan-2009The Interdependence of Private and Public InterestsMahoney, JT; McGahan, A; Pitelis, C
Jan-1998Interdiffusion in short-fibre reinforced hydroxyapatite ceramicsKnepper, M; Milthorpe, BK; Moricca, S
Jan-2013Interdisciplinary business education: Curriculum through collaborationBajada, C; Trayler, RM
Jan-2012Interdisciplinary climate: The case of the first 50 years of British observations in AustraliaMcGuffie, K; Henderson-Sellers, A
Jan-2006Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Practice-based ResearchLeggett, MG
Jan-2013Interest rate rules and macroeconomic stability under heterogeneous expectationsAnufriev, M; Assenza, T; Hommes, C; Massaro, D
Jan-2005Interest rates, stock returns and credit spreads: Evidence from German eurobondsWagner, N; Hogan, W; Batten, J
Jan-2013Interface Adhesion During Sliding Wear In Cast Iron After Hot DeformationZhang, Q; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Zhu, H; Chen, Z; Han, J; Xie, G
Jan-2009An Interface and Framework Design for interactive Aesthetic SonificationBeilharz, KA; Ferguson, S; Aramaki, M; Kronland-Martinet, R; Ystad, S; Jensen, K
Jan-2004Interface as Image - image making and mixed realityGwilt, ID; Gollifer, S; Asscot, R; Beardon, C; Lichty, P; Hill, B
Jan-2011The Interface Between Tradition and Science:Naturopaths' Perspectives of Modern PracticeSteel, AE; Adams, J
Jan-2006Interface development in sintering of roll bonded metal laminatesBakar, M; Wuhrer, R; Yeung, WY
Jan-2011An Interface for Crowd-sourcing Spatial Models of CommonsenseJohnston, BG; Davis, E; Doherty, P; Erdem, E
Jan-2009An Interface for Live Interactive SonificationFerguson, S; Beilharz, KA; Dannenberg, RB; Ries, KD
Jan-2011Interface interaction within nanopores in thin films of an amphiphilic block copolymer and CTABWang, C; Wang, D; Hu, X; Wang, G
Jan-2006An interface test bed for 'kansei' filters using the touch designer visual programming environmentBerry, R; Naemura, M; Kobayashi, Y; Masahiro, T; Naomi, I; Pisan, Y; Edmonds, EA; Piekarski, W
11-Jul-2014The interface with naturopathy in rural primary health care: a survey of referral practices of general practitioners in rural and regional New South Wales, Australia.Wardle, JL; Sibbritt, DW; Adams, J