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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Learning Sparse SVM for Feature Selection on Very High Dimensional Datasetstan, M; Wang, L; Tsang, I; Fürnkranz, J; Joachims, T
31-May-2014Learning Spatial Correlations for Bayesian fusion in Pipe Thickness MappingVidal Calleja, TA; Su, D; De Bruijn, F; Valls Miro, J; Parker, LE
Jan-2003Learning statistics as a professional tool in engineeringPetocz, P; Reid, A; May, RL; Blyth, WF
Jan-2009Learning strategies of first year nursing and medical students: A comparative studySalamonson, Y; Everett, B; Koch, J; Wilson, I; Davidson, PM
Jan-2012Learning Target Predictive Function without Target Labels.Seah, CW; Tsang, I; Ong, Y; Mao, Q; Siebes, A; Yu, JX; Zaki, MJ
2006Learning teamwork in architectural educationSpringett, EDB
Sep-2013Learning through authentic assessment: An evaluation of a new development in the undergraduate midwifery curriculumRaymond, J; Homer, CS; Smith, RM; Gray, JE
Jan-2002Learning through question and answer interactions on the webSchuck, SR; al, AE
Jan-2005Learning through the virtualCole, DR
Jan-2008Learning to Anticipate the Movements of Intermittently Occluded ObjectsJohansson, B; Balkenius, C; Schlesinger, M; Berthouze, L; Balkenius, C
Jan-2004Learning to be a gender equity consultantSeaton, L; Tidwell, OL; Fitzgerald, LM; Heston, M
2006Learning to be a transdisciplinary researcher: a community of practice approachWilletts, J; Mitchell, C; Attwater R
Jan-2006Learning to be a transdisciplinary researcher: a community of practice approachWilletts, JR; Mitchell, CA; Attwater, R
6-Dec-2006Learning to be a “Transdisciplinary” Sustainability Researcher: A Community of Practice ApproachMitchell, C; Willetts, J
Jan-2009Learning to become a professional orchestral musician: going beyond skill and techniqueHager, P; Johnsson, MC
Jan-2010Learning to build quality business relationships in export markets: evidence from Vietnamese exportersTrang, NT; Nguyen, DT
Jan-2004Learning to Collaborate and Collaborating to Learn: An experential approach to teaching collaborative systems.Dyson, LE; Kay, RJ; Cepra, N; Bro, P; Pereira, J
6-May-2014Learning to create sustainable value in turbulent operational contexts: the role of leadership practicesChew, E; Dovey, K
Jan-2002Learning to improvise, improvising to learn, a process of responding to complex environmentsChelariu, C; Johnston, WJ; Young, LC