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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008A level set-based parameterization method for structural shape and topology optimizationLuo, Z; Wang, M; Wang, S; Wei, P
6-Apr-2016Level-set topology optimization for multimaterial and multifunctional mechanical metamaterialsWang, Y; Gao, J; Luo, Z; Brown, T; Zhang, N
Jan-2000Levels of antifoulant irgarol 1051 in the Conwy Marina, North WalesSargent, CJ; Bowman, JC; Zhou, JL
Jan-2004Levels of brain wave activity (8-13 Hz) in persons with spinal cord injuryTran, YH; Boord, PR; Middleton, J; Craig, AR
Jan-2006Levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in some agricultural, industrial and urban areas along Xiamen coastal waters, ChinaMaskaoui, L; Hu, Z; Zhou, JL; Han, YL
1-Jan-2014Leveraging graph dimensions in online graph searchZhu, Y; Yu, JX; Qin, L
Jan-2013Leveraging Supervised Label Dependency Propagation for Multi-label LearningFu, B; Xu, G; Wang, Z; Cao, L; Xiong, H; Karypis, G; Thuraisingham, BM; Cook, DJ; Wu, X
2-Jan-2013Leveraging Surrounding Context for Scene Text DetectionLi, Y; Shen, C; Jia, W; van den Hengel, A; Lovell, B; Suter, D
Jan-2013Leveraging visual features and hierarchical dependencies for conference information extractionYou, Y; Xu, G; Cao, J; Zhang, Y; Huang, G
Jan-2011Leveraging Wikipedia concept and category information to enhance contextual advertisingWu, Z; Xu, G; Pan, R; Zhang, Y; Hu, Z; Lu, J; Macdonald, C; Ounis, I; Ruthven, I
23-Sep-2016Levering Critical Collaboration: The First Year Interdisciplinary Design ExperienceCrosby, AL; Morgan, A
Jan-2005Levinasian ethics and the representation of the other in international and cross-cultural managementRhodes, CH; Westwood, R; -
Jan-2014LexisNexis Concise Legal DictionaryVarnham, S
Jan-2014LF-15 & T7, Synthetic Peptides Derived from Tumstatin, Attenuate Aspects of Airway Remodelling in a Murine Model of Chronic OVA-Induced Allergic Airway DiseaseGrafton, K; Moir, L; Black, J; Hansbro, N; Hansbro, P; Burgess, J; Oliver, BG
Jan-2004Li Shenzhi and Liberal Democrats within the Chinese Communist PartyFeng, C; Feng Chongyi
Jan-2004Li Shenzhi, Liberalism and Grand Transformation in China (introduction)Feng, C; Feng Chongyi
Jan-2005Li storage properties of Ag and SnO2 nanopowders synthesised from reverse micellesAhn, J; Kim, YJ; Wang, G; Liu, HK
Jan-2013Li-ion adsorption and diffusion on 2D Silicon with defects: a first principles studySetiadi, J; Arnold, MD; Ford, M
2005Liability in negligence of clergy and churches in New South Wales for pastoral counselling for depressionSpaul, WG
Jan-2004Liberalism and Advanced Liberalism in Australian Indigenous AffairsWatson, V