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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001Internet Culture in Developing Countries with special reference to E-CommerceChandran, D; Kang, K; Leveaux, RR; Kim, J; Lee, JK; Suh, KS; Lee, H; Lee, HG
Jan-2006Internet improves health outcomes in depressionCuljak, G; Spranca, M; Sprague, RH
Jan-2009The Internet in Tertiary Education: A survey of students' Internet activityYoung, KA; tbc
Jan-2008Internet media and the public sphere: The 2007 Australian e-electioneering experienceMacnamara, J
2-Dec-2014An Internet of Social ThingsNansen, B; van Ryn, L; Vetere, F; Robertson, TJ; Brereton, M; Douish, P
7-Dec-2015Internet of Things (IoT) in E-Commerce for People with DisabilitiesSohaib, O; Kang, K
21-Jun-2017Internet of Things (IoT) in E-commerce: For People with DisabilitiesSohaib, O; Lu, H; Hussain, W
Jan-2013Internet of Things: a review of literature and productsKoreshoff, TJ; Robertson, TJ; Leong, T; Shen, H; Smith, R; Paay, J; Calder, P; Wyeld, T
1-Jan-2016Internet of Vehicles: Motivation, Layered Architecture, Network Model, Challenges and Future AspectsKaiwartya, O; Abdullah, AH; Cao, Y; Altameem, A; Prasad, M; Lin, CT; Liu, X
2003Internet Politics in an Information EconomyMarshall, J
Jan-2003Internet Politics in an Information EconomyMarshall, J
Jan-2007Internet Politics in South Korea: The Case of Rohsamo and OhmynewsKang, DJ; Dyson, LE; Toleman, M; Cater-Steel, A; Roberts, D
Jan-2006Internet users' attitude and behavioural intention on ebrandingLee, KP; Miller, K
Jan-2005An Internet-based Distributed Manufacturing System Utilizing a Recurrent Neural Network Controller for Dynamic Buffer Size Tuning to Prevent User-Level Buffer Overflow and Shorten the Service Roundtrip TimeLin, WW; Wong, AK; Dillon, TS; Dillon, T; Yu, X
Jan-2003Internet-based e-commerce and its impact on manufacturing and business operationsSoliman, F; Youssef, M
Jan-2007Internet-based knowledge internalization and firm internationalization in transition marketsNguyen, DT; Barrett, NJ; Rialp, A; Rialp, J
2007Internet-based support for creative collaborationWeakley, A
Jan-2011Internet-hosted assessment system for effective teaching and enhanced learning for engineering subjectsSaleh, A; Li, J; Lucas, J; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
Jan-2004Internship, Classroom & Other Sources of AbilityMoulton, BD; McGregor, HT; Coates, C; Cedercreutz, K; Eames, C
31-Oct-2015Interoperability and Quality Assurance for Multi-Vendor LTE NetworkSubramanian, R; Heidari, R; Sandrasegaran, K