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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 2 - Session 2: CAMP and the early daysFrench, R; Bonsall-Boone, P; Watson, L; Trebilco, P; Eglington, C; Thomas, L; Wills, S; Chetcuti, J; Bowers, C
25-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 2 - Session 3: Remembering early activismMcCrossin, J; Minnis, D; Davis, K; Rolfe, T; Stein, P; Batterham, T; Sobski, J; Gulliver, P
25-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 2 - Session 4: Together around AustraliaHillard, D; Willett, G; Taylor, J; Low, C; Minnis, D
25-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 2 - Session 5: Views of oppression and liberationFisher, J; Wills, S; Ashmore, E; Ross, L
25-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 2 - Session 6: Cultural subversionsMcKinnon, S; Witte, J; Davis, K
25-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 2 - Welcome and BlessingMinnis, D; Goodall, H; Spi, M; Davis, K
Jan-2006Intra-colonial variability in light acclimation of zooxanthellae in coral tissues of Pocillopora damicornis Received:Ulstrup, K; Ralph, PJ; Larkum, A; Kuhl, M
25-Jun-2016Intra-operative Simultaneous Catheter and Environment Modelling for Endovascular Navigation Based on Intravascular Ultrasound, Electromagnetic Tracking and Pre-operative DataZhao, L; Giannarou, S; Lee, S-L; Merrifield, R; Yang, GZ
Jan-2005Intra-specific variation in leaf attributes of four savanna tree species across a rainfall gradient in tropical AustraliaPrior, LD; Bowman, D; Eamus, D
Jan-2010Intracellular ion monitoring using a gold core-polymer shell nanosensor architectureStanca, SE; Nietzsche, S; Fritzsche, W; Cranfield, CG; Biskup, C
Jan-2001The Intracellular Oxidation of 2'7'-Dichlorofluorescin in Murine T LymphocytesVan Reyk, DM
Jan-2008Intracommunity tensions in backpacker enclaves: Sydney's Bondi BeachWilson, J; Richards, G; McDonnell, IG; Hannam, K; Ateljevic, I
Jan-2008The Intractable Nature of AlignmentCampbell, BR; None known
Jan-2006Intraday empirical analysis and modeling of diversified world stock indicesBreymann, W; Kelly, L; Platen, E
Jan-2005Intraday REIT liquidityBertin, W; Kofman, P; Michayluk, D; Prather, L
Jan-2009Intraguild predation, thermoregulation, and microhabitat selection by snakesWebb, JK; Pringle, RM; Shine, R
5-Apr-2017Intrahospital transfers and the impact on nursing workload.Blay, N; Roche, MA; Duffield, C; Gallagher, R
Nov-2011Intramacrophage survival of uropathogenic Escherichia coli: differences between diverse clinical isolates and between mouse and human macrophages.Bokil, NJ; Totsika, M; Carey, AJ; Stacey, KJ; Hancock, V; Saunders, BM; Ravasi, T; Ulett, GC; Schembri, MA; Sweet, MJ
16-Aug-2016Intramolecular H⋯S interactions in metal di-(isopropyl)dithiocarbamate complexesAngeloski, A; Hook, J; Bhadbhade, M; Baker, AT; McDonagh, AM
Jan-2007Intramolecular versus intermolecular oxidative couplings of ester tethered di-aryl ethersTaylor, SR; Ung, AT; Pyne, SG; Skelton, BW; White, AH