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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2017A Global Declaration on Appropriate Use of Antimicrobial Agents across the Surgical Pathway.Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery Working Group; Labbate, M
8-Dec-2011Global Deliberative Democracy and Climate Change: Insights from World Wide Views on Global Warming in AustraliaRiedy, C; Herriman, J
1-Jun-2017Global developments in forensic geologyDi Maggio, RM; Donnelly, LJ; Al Naimi, KS; Barone, PM; Da Silva Salvador, FA; Dawson, L; Dixon, R; Fitzpatrick, R; Gradusova, O; Nesterina, E; Peleneva, M; Ushacova, O; Gallego, CMM; Pirrie, D; Ruffell, A; McKinley, J; Sagripanti, G; Villalba, D; Schneck, B; Sugita, R; Wach, G; Silva, R; Forbes, S
Jan-2004Global Diffusion with Local Dimension: A study of Iraq war news in South AsiaZaman, A
Jan-2014Global dissemination of a multidrug resistant Escherichia coli clonePetty, NK; Ben Zakour, NL; Stanton-Cook, M; Skippington, E; Totsika, M; Forde, BM; Phan, M; Gomes Moriel, D; Peters, KM; Davies, M; Rogers, BA; Dougan, G; Rodriguez-BaƱo, J; Pascual, A; Pitout, JD; Upton, M; Paterson, DL; Walsh, TR; Schembri, MA; Beatson, SA
Nov-2008Global distribution and diversity of coral-associated Archaea and their possible role in the coral holobiont nitrogen cycle.Siboni, N; Ben-Dov, E; Sivan, A; Kushmaro, A
Jan-2004Global Dynamics Approach to Generative Music Experiments with One Dimensional Cellular AutomataBurraston, DM; Edmonds, EA; Meridan, L
2008Global E-commerce Design for International CustomersKang, K; Veena Bansal
6-Jan-2017Global Economic Inequalities and DevelopmentObeng-Odoom, F; Obeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2011Global EnglishesPennycook, AD; Wodak, R; Johnstone, B; Kerswill, P
Jan-2007Global Englishes and Transcultural FlowsPennycook, AD
Jan-2003Global Englishes, rip slyme, and performativityPennycook, AD
Dec-2013Global exponential dissipativity and stabilization of memristor-based recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays.Guo, Z; Wang, J; Yan, Z
1-Feb-2015Global exponential synchronization of two memristor-based recurrent neural networks with time delays via static or dynamic couplingGuo, Z; Wang, J; Yan, Z
Jan-2008Global finance and systemic instabilityArgitis, G; Pitelis, C
2011The global financial crisis : securitization and fair value reporting practiceFreeman, W
Jan-2009The Global Financial Crisis and the Implications for Corporate Governance RegulationClarke, T
2012The Global Financial Crisis and the Role of Engagement with the Mainstream in the Future of Post Keynesian EconomicsDocherty, P; Rochlon, LP; Lee, FS; Lavoie, M
1-Dec-2011The global financial crisis, immigration and immigrant unemployment, and social inclusion in AustraliaCollins, J; Higley, J; Nieuwenhuysen, J; Neerup, S
1-Sep-2013Global flood risk under climate changeHirabayashi, Y; Mahendran, R; Koirala, S; Konoshima, L; Yamazaki, D; Watanabe, S; Kim, H; Kanae, S