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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Improving contextual advertising matching by using Wikipedia thesaurus knowledgeXu, G; Wu, Z; Li, G; Chen, E
Jan-2010Improving Cooperative Spectrum Sensing under Correlated Log-normal ShadowingDinh, MT; Trang, CC; Nguyen, TQ; Nguyen, D; Technical Committee
Jan-2005Improving correct switching rates in a 'hands-free' environmental control systemCraig, AR; Tran, YH; Craig, DA; Thuraisingham, R
Jan-2010Improving Cost-effectiveness Of Epidemiological Studies Via Designed Missingness StrategiesStrauss, W; Ryan, LM; Morara, M; Iroz-elardo, N; Davis, M; Cupp, M; Nishioka, M; Quackenboss, J; Galke, W; Ozkaynak, H; Scheidt, P
Jan-2008Improving cross-company project management performance with a collaborative project scorecardNiebecker, KD; Eager, DM; Kubitza, K
Jan-2003Improving data prefetching efficacy in multimedia applicationsCucchiara, R; Prati, A; Piccardi, M
12-Jul-2017Improving delirium recognition and assessment for people receiving inpatient palliative care: a mixed methods meta-synthesis.Hosie, A; Agar, M; Lobb, E; Davidson, PM; Phillips, J
2014Improving Dental Care Recommendation Systems Using Patient and Dentist ProfilingPradhan, S; Gay, V; Nepal, S
2014Improving dental care recommendation systems using trust and social networksPradhan, S; Gay, V; Nepal, S
2015Improving diagnostic reliability in Chinese medicinePopplewell, Michael Charles
Jan-2006Improving early numeracy through a Pattern and Structure Mathematics Awareness Program (PASMAP)Mulligan, J; Papic, M; Prescott, AE; Mitchelmore, M; Grootenboer, P; Zevenbergen, R; Chinnappan, M
17-Feb-2017Improving EEG-based Driver Fatigue Classification using Sparse-Deep Belief NetworksChai, R; Ling, SH; San, PP; Naik, G; Nguyen, TN; Tran, Y; Craig, A; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2011Improving Energy Efficiency of LTE Networks by Applying Genetic Algorithm (GA)Lin, K; NA
2014Improving executive group decision making with a focus on undiscussablesDonovan, PJ
Jan-2013Improving Fairness in IEEE 802.11 Networks Using MAC Layer Opportunistic RetransmissionHagelstein, B; Abolhasan, M; Franklin, DR; Safaei, F
2011Improving forensic casework analysis and interpretation of gunshot residue (GSR) evidenceHales, S
1-Jun-2015Improving Geotechnical Properties of Closed Landfills for Redevelopment Using Chemical Stabilization TechniquesKhabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Fatahi, B; Indraratna, B; Chu, J; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2013Improving geotechnical properties of closed landfills for redevelopment using fly ash and quicklimeFatahi, B
Jan-2003Improving government - community sector relationsLyons, MJ
Jan-2009Improving graduate attributes with online teaching resources: A case study in IT managementSixsmith, AJ; Litchfield, AJ; Atkinson, R; McBeath, C