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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005IntroductionOnyx, J; Dale, A; Onyx, J
Jan-2007IntroductionGhosh, D; Muecke, S; Ghosh, D; Muecke, S
Jan-2006IntroductionNord, W; Lawrence, T; Hardy, C; Clegg, SR; Clegg, S; Hardy, C; Lawrence, T; Nord, W
Jan-2013IntroductionSun, W; Guo, Y; Sun, W; Guo, Y
Jan-2010IntroductionLeary, DK; Pisupati, B; Leary, D; Pisupati, B
Jan-2012IntroductionSun, W; Chio, JT; Sun, W; Chio, J
Jan-2009Introduction - fresh and saltGhosh, D; Goodall, H; Muecke, S; Ghosh, D; Goodall, H; Donald, S
Jan-2009Introduction - Part 1: A Brief History of Men's FashionMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
Jan-2014Introduction and feasibility assessment of laundry use of recycled water in dual reticulation systems in AustraliaMainali, B; Pham, N; Ngo, H; Guo, W; Listowski, A; O'Halloran, K; Miechel, C; Muthukaruppan, M; Johnston, RR
Jan-2011Introduction and uptake of new medical technologies in the Australian health care system: a qualitative studyGallego, G; Casey, R; Goodall, S; Norman, R
Jan-2012Introduction for the annals issue of the Journal of Econometrics on "Bayesian Models, Methods and Applications"Geweke, J; Koop, G; Paap, R
2007Introduction history and invasion success in exotic vines introduced to AustraliaHarris, C; Murray, B; Hose, G; Hamilton, M
Jan-2007Introduction history and invasion success in exotic vines introduced to AustraliaHarris, CJ; Murray, B; Hose, GC; Hamilton, MT
2009Introduction of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) for the forensic analysis of explosivesBenson, SJ
Jan-2001Introduction of night-lights to reduce falls on an Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation UnitShepherd, L; Foureur, M
2016Introduction Religion, Sexuality and Spirituality in Historical TraditionsPrior, JH; Prior, JH; Cusack, C
Jan-2009Introduction to Agent Mining Interaction and IntegrationCao, L; Longbing Cao
1-Aug-2008An introduction to bipolar representations of information and preferenceDubois, D; Prade, H
1-Jan-2016Introduction to cross LAK 2016: Learning analytics across spacesMartinez-Maldonado, R; Pardo, A; Hernández-Leo, D
2014Introduction to cross laminated timber and development of design procedures for Australia and New ZealandShrestha, R; Lewis, K; Crews, KI; Smith, ST