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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Introduction to Part ii: Do we do science? Philosophy and knowledge in international business and managementDevinney, TM; Pedersen, T; Tihanyi, L; Devinney, TM; Pedersen, T; Tihanyi, L
21-Feb-2011Introduction to Research WeekBrungs, A; Byrne, A
Jan-2014An Introduction to Social Networks for Engaging the Community in Climate PolicyCvitanovic, C; Clunn, R; Jacobs, B; Williams, C; Measham, T
Jan-2009Introduction to special issue on complexity in economics and financeAnufriev, M; Branch, W
2015Introduction to sustainable property developmentWilkinson, SJ; Sayce, SL; Wilkinson, SJ; Sayce, SL; Christensen, PH
Jan-2013An Introduction to the Application of (Case 1) Best-Worst Scalling in Marketing ResearchLouviere, JJ; Lings, IN; Islam, T; Gudergan, S; Flynn, TN
29-Jan-2017Introduction to the Application of Paleoecological Techniques in estuariesTaffs, KH; Weckstrom, K; Saunders, KM; Gell, PG; Skilbeck, CG; Weckstrom, K; Saunders, KM; Gell, PA; Skilbeck, CG
31-Oct-2016An introduction to the Australian and New Zealand flux tower network – OzFluxBeringer, J; Hutley, LB; McHugh, I; Arndt, SK; Campbell, D; Cleugh, HA; Cleverly, J; Resco de Dios, V; Eamus, D; Evans, B; Ewenz, C; Grace, P; Griebel, A; Haverd, V; Hinko-Najera, N; Huete, A; Isaac, P; Kanniah, K; Leuning, R; Liddell, MJ; Macfarlane, C; Meyer, W; Moore, C; Pendall, E; Phillips, A; Phillips, RL; Prober, SM; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Rutledge, S; Schroder, I; Silberstein, R; Southall, R; Yee, MS; van Gorsel, E; Vote, C; Walker, J; Wardlaw, T
Jan-2006An introduction to the collaborative methodology and its potential use for the management of heart failureNewton, PJ; Davidson, PM; Halcomb, E; Denniss, R; Westgarth, F
Jan-2006An introduction to the collaborative methodology and its potential use for the management of heart failureNewton, PJ; Davidson, PM; Halcomb, E; Denniss, AR; Westgarth, F
Sep-2016Introduction to the special issue of best papers from RE2015 conferenceZowghi, D; Gervasi, V
Jan-2013Introduction to the special issue on the theory and practice of embodied interaction in HCI and interaction designMarshall, P; Antle, A; van den Hoven, E; Rogers, Y
Jan-2009Introduction to the Special Issue on Volunteer TourismLyons, K; Wearing, SL; Benson, A
Jan-2009An Introduction to Thermodynamic Modeling, Thermal Analysis and CalorimetryMojumdar, SC; Prasad, R; Sun, L; Vernart, JE; Eichhorn, S; Iqbal, M; Elkamel, A; Madhurambal, G; Meenakshisundaram, S; Varshney, KG; Verenkar, V; Jona, E; Janotka, I; Ray, AS; Chowdhury, BZ
Jan-2012Introduction to this Special Issue on Designing for Personal Memories: Past, Present, and Futurevan den Hoven, E; Sas, C; Whittaker, S
1-Dec-2016INTRODUCTION TO VOLUME IV Part 1McKee, A; Aggleton, P
Jan-2013Introduction-Beyond Experiences that Make a DifferenceWearing, SL; McGehee, N
2014Introduction: '... and the moon smelt of oranges': the poetics and politics of embodiment in Jack Lindsay's poetryCranny-Francis, A
Jan-2001Introduction: 'Old contempt and new solicitude': Race relations and australian ethnographyCowlishaw, G
Jan-2009Introduction: A critical approach to the revitalization of WelshCoupland, NJ; Aldridge, M