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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2017A hybrid method to trace technology evolution pathways: a case study of 3D printingHuang, Y; Zhu, D; Qian, Y; Zhang, Y; Porter, AL; Liu, Y; Guo, Y
Jan-2013A hybrid model for migrating customer segmentation with missing attributesMa, J; Lin, H; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Pedrycz, W; Reformat, MZ
16-Jun-2015A Hybrid Model for Pricing and Hedging of Long-dated BondsBaldeaux, J; Fung, MC; Ignatieva, K; Platen, E
7-Nov-2011A hybrid Multi-Criteria Semantic-enhanced collaborative filtering approach for personalized recommendationsShambour, Q; Lu, J
Jan-2012A Hybrid Niching-based Evolutionary PSO for Numerical Optimization ProblemsHsieh, T; Cheng, C; Yeh, W; Hsieh, TJ; Cheng, CL; Yeh, WC
Jan-2008A Hybrid Nonlinear-Discriminant Analysis Feature Projection TechniqueKhushaba, RN; Al-Ani, A; Al-Jumaily, A; Nguyen, HT; Wobcke, W; Zhang, M
1-Jan-2008A hybrid numerical method for analysing multi-mode sound propagation in ventilation ductworkKirby, R
Jan-2007Hybrid optimisation method using PGA and SQP algorithmSkinner, B; Nguyen, HT; Liu, D; Fogel, D
Jan-2007Hybrid Outcome Prediction Model For Severe Traumatic Brain InjuryPang, B; Kuralmani, V; Joshi, R; Yin, H; Lee, K; Ang, B; Li, J; Leong, T; Ng, I
Jan-2012Hybrid Particle Swarm - based Fuzzy Support Vector Machine for Hypoglycaemia DetectionLing, SS; Nuryani, N; Nguyen, HT; Abbass, HA
Jan-2012Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Based Normalized Radial Basis Function Neural Network For Hypoglycemia DetectionSan, P; Ling, SS; Nguyen, HT; Abbass, HA
Jan-2008Hybrid particle swarm optimization with wavelet mutation and its industrial applicationsLing, SS; Lu, H; Chan, KY; Lam, H; Yeung, B; Leung, F
1-Jan-2014Hybrid probabilistic and non-probabilistic dynamic analysis of vehicle-bridge interaction system with uncertaintiesLiu, N; Gao, W; Song, C; Zhang, N
2007Hybrid processes combining membrane filtration and adsorption/ion exchange for wastewater treatment for reuseKhirani, Sarah
Jan-2013Hybrid PSO-based variable translation wavelet neural network and its application to hypoglycemia detection systemSan, P; Ling, SS; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2011A Hybrid PSO-BFGS strategy for global optimization of multimodal functionsLi, S; Tan, M; Tsang, I; Kwok, J
Jan-2011A Hybrid PWM Applied To High-power Three-level Inverter-fed Induction-motor DrivesZhang, Y; Zhao, Z; Zhu, J
Jan-2010A hybrid recommendation approach for hierarchical itemsWu, D; Lu, J; Zhang, G; NA
Jan-2005A Hybrid Recommendation Approach for One and Only ItemsGuo, X; Zhang, G; Chew, EK; Burdon, SW; Zhang, S; Jarvis, R
2012Hybrid recommender systems for personalized government-to-business e-servicesShambour, QY