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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Assessing morphologic complexity and diversity in river systems using three dimensional asymmetry indices for bed elements, bedforms and bar unitsRayburg, SC; Neave, M
Jan-2004Assessing motivations for sports volunteerism.Wang, PZ; Kahn, B; Luce, MF
Dec-2011Assessing Musculo-Articular Stiffness Using Free Oscillations: Theory, Measurement and AnalysisDitroilo, M; Watsford, ML; Murphy, AJ; DeVito, G
Jan-2013Assessing Nature? The Genesis of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)Granjou, C; Mauz, I; Louvel, S; Tournay, V
Jan-1989Assessing normality in random effects modelsLange, N; Ryan, LM
Jan-2009Assessing Online Collaboratories: A Peer Review of Teaching and LearningAnderson, TK; Parker, NJ; McKenzie, JA; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
2014Assessing pain in people with cancerLovell, M; Forster, B; Phillips, JL
Jan-2011Assessing physical function and activity for survivors of a critical illness: A review of instrumentsElliott, D; Denehy, L; Berney, S; Alison, JA
Jan-2009Assessing policies to equalise opportunity using an equilibrium model of educational and occupational choicesKeane, M; Roemer, J
1993Assessing pronunciation gainsMehan, B
Jan-2007Assessing psychometric properties of scales: a case studyMarshall, AP; Fisher, M; Brammer, J; Eustace, P; Grech, C; Jones, B; Kelly, MA
Jan-2011Assessing Quality of Life among British Older People Using the ICEPOP CAPability (ICECAP-O) measureFlynn, TN; Chan, P; Peters, T; Coast, J
Apr-2014Assessing range shifts of tropical reef fishes: a comparison of belt transect and roaming underwater visual census methodsBeck, HJ; Feary, DA; Figueira, WF; Booth, DJ
Jun-2015Assessing students' English language proficiency during clinical placement: A qualitative evaluation of a language frameworkSan Miguel, C; Rogan, F
Jan-2010Assessing sustainability performance of built projects: a building process approachDing, GK; Shen, L
Jan-2011Assessing the Acquiescence Bias of Online Research DataWang, PZ; Menictas, C; Fine, B; MacCarthy, M; Sanders, D
Jan-2013Assessing the aggregation behaviour of iron oxide nanoparticles under relevant environmental conditions using a multi-method approachChekli, L; Phuntsho, S; Roy, M; Lombi, E; Donner, E; Shon, H
Jan-2008Assessing the biological relevance of exposing freshwater organisms to atrazine and molinate in environmetally realistic exposure test systemsPhyu, YL; Warne, MS; Lim, RP
Jan-2005Assessing the capacity of the health services research community in Australia and New ZealandPirkis, J; Goldfeld, S; Peacock, S; Dodson, S; Haas, MR; Cumming, J; Hall, JP; Boulton, A
Jan-2013Assessing The Chronic Toxicity Of Atrazine, Permethrin, And Chlorothalonil To The Cladoceran Ceriodaphnia Cf. Dubia In Laboratory And Natural River WaterPhyu, YL; Palmer, CG; Warne, MS; Dowse, R; Mueller, S; Chapman, JC; Hose, GC; Lim, RP