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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006The moving subject: Shifting work(ers) across and beyond organisational boundariesScheeres, HB; Solomon, N; Billett, S; Fenwick, T; Somerville, M
Jan-2013Moving Tangible Interaction Systems to the Next Levelvan den Hoven, E; van de Garde-Perik, E; Offermans, S; van Boerdonk, K; Lenssen, K
Jan-2012Moving the Marine Genetic Resources Debate Foward: Some ReflectionsLeary, DK
Jan-2005Moving the Matrix: kinesics, space and embodiment in the Matrix trilogyCranny-Francis, A; Gillis, S
Jan-2010A Moving Theory: Remembering the Office of the ScholarBarr, OM
2002Moving to the coast : internal migration and place contestation in Northern New South WalesKijas, JC
Jan-2008Moving Towards Unsustainability, A Study of the Chinese Telecommunications RegulationLi, G
Jan-2006A moving type frameworkBachfischer, G; Robertson, TJ; Bachfischer, A; Bojkovic, ZS
Jan-2009The mPortal: Supporting Collaboration to Develop mLearning Strategies for Educational TransformationDyson, LE; Litchfield, AJ; Metcalf, D; Hamilton, A; Graffeo, C
Jan-2007MR Damper Optimal placement for semi-active control of buildings using an efficient multi-objective binary genetic algorithmKwok, N; Ha, QP; Samali, B; Group, CA; Madras, IIT
Jan-2005MR Damper Structural Control Using a Multi-Level Sliding Mode ControllerKwok, N; Nguyen, T; Ha, QP; Li, J; Samali, B; Lam, NTK; Wilson, JL; Butler, B
2014MR dampers in smart structures with nonlinear non-affine dynamics improvising intelligent controlMovassaghi, S
29-Sep-2014Mr. Akbar Makarti, Indonesian Vice Consul, speaks at the Global Accessibility Launch of the PRS Mani papersUTS Library Escholarship Department
Jan-2012MrBayes 3.2: Efficient Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference And Model Choice Across A Large Model SpaceRonquist, F; Teslenko, M; Van Der Mark, P; Ayres, D; Darling, AE; Hohna, S; Larget, B; Liu, L; Suchard, M; Huelsenbeck, J
2011MrkH, a novel c-di-GMP-dependent transcriptional activator controls Klebsiella pneumoniae biofilm formation by regulating type 3 fimbriae expressionWilksch, J; Yang, J; Clements, A; Gabbe, J; Short, K; Cao, H; James, C; Whitchurch, C; Schembri, M; Chuah, M; Liang, Z; Wijburg, O; Jenney, A; Lithgow, T; Strugnell, R; Cavaliere, R
Jan-2010Mrs Dance Strikes The First Cut: Visual Storytelling And GirlhoodIdle, JE
Jan-2010Mrs Donoghue and The Law's Strange Neighbour: New Narratives of Modernist TraumaVan Rijswijk, H; Sheehan, P; Groth, H
2009MSE bounds for phase estimation in presence of recursive nuisance parametersHuang, X; Guo, YJ
2011mStories : understanding the new literacies of mobile devices through a creative participatory projectFrawley, JK
Jan-2012mStories: Exploring Modes of Participation in a Creative Storytelling ProjectFrawley, JK