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8-Apr-2015Leonie Kirchmajer and Sue Rowley (2012), Industry Engagement and Graduate Skills: A Report on Tertiary Courses in Interactive Media and Computer Games, Interactive Skills Integration Scheme (ISIS), August, CanberraInteractive Skills Integration Scheme; ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation; Enterprise Connect Creative Industries Innovation Centre; Queensland University of Technology Creative Enterprise Australia
2012LEPs - living up to the hype? The changing framework for regional economic development and localism in the UKShutt, J; Pugalis, L; Bentley, G; Ward, M; Hardy, S
2012LEPs - living up to the hype? The changing framework for regional economic development and localism in the UKPugalis, L; Ward, M; Hardy, S
2015Leptin’s metabolic and immune functions can be uncoupled at the ligand/receptor interaction levelZabeau, L; Jensen, CJ; Seeuws, S; Venken, K; Verhee, A; Catteeuw, D; van Loo, G; Chen, H; Walder, K; Hollis, J; Foote, S; Morris, MJ; Van der Heyden, J; Peelman, F; Oldfield, BJ; Rubio, JP; Elewaut, D; Tavernier, J
Jan-2012Les montagnes russes de la theorie U ou les tout premiers instants d'une innovation socialeMahy, I; Bubna-Litic, DC; Mahy, I; Carle, P
Jan-2010LES of synthetic jets in boundary layer with laminar separation caused by adverse pressure gradientOzawa, T; Lesbros, S; Hong, G
Jan-2003Les Problèmes : Pivots de l'apprentissage par problème (app)' et de la motivation?Soucisse, A; Mauffette, Y; Kandlbinder, PA
17-Feb-2015Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-sexual: Commercial SexPrior, J; Crofts, P; Wright, J
Jan-2010Less Effort, More Outcomes: Optimising Debt Recovery with Decision TreesZhao, Y; Bohlscheid, H; Wu, S; Cao, L; Fan, W; Hsu, W; Webb, GI; Liu, B; Zhang, C; Gunopulos, D; Wu, X
Jan-2012"Less Feminine and Less a Woman": The impact of unplanned postpartum hysterectomy on womenElmir, R; Jackson, DE; Schmied, V; Wilkes, L
1-Jan-2015Less Haste, More Speed: The Fit for the Future Reform Program in New South Wales Local GovernmentDrew, J; Dollery, B
Jan-2006Less inhabited with age: Larval age effects modifies response to natural settlement inhibitors.Gribben, PE; Marshall, DJ; Steinberg, P
Jan-2003A Lesson for Software Engineering from Knowledge EngineeringDebenham, JK; Marik, V; Retschitzegger, W; Stepankova, O
Jan-2006Lessons and issues for practice and developmentDocherty, P; Boud, DJ; Cressey, P; Boud, D; Cressey, P; Docherty, P
Jan-2011Lessons for a viable water recycling industryChanan, AP; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, JK; Simmons, B
Jan-2013Lessons for Leaders: Positive Organization Studies Meets Niccolo MachiavelliPina e Cunha, M; Clegg, SR; Rego, A
Jan-2005Lessons from home: scaffolding vocal improvisation and song acquisition with a 2 year oldDe Vries, PA
Jan-2002Lessons from the Mediation Obsession: Ensuring that Sentencing 'Alternatives' Focus on Indigenous Self-DeterminationBehrendt, LY; Strang, H; Braithwaite, J
Jan-2006Lessons from the past for contemporary Australian nursing students: The Nazi euthanasia programBen-Sefer, EJ
Jan-2005Lessons from the Untold Success Story:: Outsourcing Engineering and Facilities ManagementBurdon, SW; Bhalla, A