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Sep-2015The Impact of 3 Different-Length Between-Matches Microcycles on Training Loads in Professional Rugby League Players.Moreira, A; Kempton, T; Aoki, MS; Sirotic, AC; Coutts, AJ
1-Jul-2013Impact of a biofouling layer on the vapor pressure driving force and performance of a membrane distillation processGoh, S; Zhang, Q; Zhang, J; McDougald, D; Krantz, WB; Liu, Y; Fane, AG
Jul-2012Impact of a cancer clinical trials web site on discussions about trial participation: a cluster randomized trial.Dear, RF; Barratt, AL; Askie, LM; Butow, PN; McGeechan, K; Crossing, S; Currow, DC; Tattersall, MH
Jan-2003The impact of a clinical placement in rehabilitation on the attitudes of undergraduate nursing students towards people with disabilities.Hall-Pullin, L; Chenoweth, L; Pryor, J
Jan-2013Impact of a community pharmacists' hypertension-care service on medication adherence. The AFenPA study.Fikri-Benbrahim, N; Faus, MJ; Martinez-Martinez, F; Sabater Hernandez, D
Jan-2011The impact of a correctional-based parenting program in strengthening parenting skills of incarcerated mothersPerry, V; Fowler, CM; Heggie, K; Barbara, K
14-May-2016The impact of a Medication Review with Follow-up service on hospital admissions in aged polypharmacy patientsMalet-Larrea, A; Goyenechea, E; García-Cárdenas, V; Calvo, B; Arteche, JM; Aranegui, P; Zubeldia, JJ; Gastelurrutia, MA; Martinez-Martinez, F; Benrimoj, SI
Jan-2014Impact of a novel online learning module on specialist palliative care nurses' pain assessment competencies and patients' reports of pain: Results from a quasi-experimental pilot studyPhillips, JL; Heneka, NA; Hickman, L; Lam, L; Shaw, T
2014Impact of a Qstream online learning module on palliative care nurses’ pain assessment competencies and patients’ report on pain: Results from a quasi-experimental pilot studyPhillips, JL; Heneka, N; Hickman, L
Sep-2015Impact of acupressure on onset of labour and labour duration: A systematic review.Mollart, LJ; Adam, J; Foureur, M
Jan-2007Impact of Advanced Access on access, workload and continuity: Controlled before-and-after study and simulated patient studySalisbury, C; Montgomery, A; Simons, L; Sampson, F; Edwards, S; Baxter, H; Goodall, S; Smith, H; Lattimer, V; Pickin, M
Jan-2008The Impact of Advertising on Consumer Price Sensitivity in Experience Goods MarketsErdem, T; Keane, M; Sun, B
Jan-2002The impact of age on antithrombotic use in elderly patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillationBajorek, B; Krass, I; Ogle, S; Duguid, M; Shenfield, G
Jan-2013Impact of agricultural management practices on soil organic carbon: simulation of Australian wheat systemsZhao, G; Bryan, BA; King, D; Luo, Z; Wang, E; Song, X; Yu, Q
Jan-2011The impact of aligned rewards and senior manager attitudes on conflict and collaboration between sales and marketing.Le Meunier-FitzHugh, K; Massey, GR; Piercy, NF
Jan-2004The impact of an ethical environment on managers' project evaluation judgments under agency problem conditionsBooth, PJ; Schulz, AK
Jan-2006The impact of an ICU liaison nurse on discharge delay in patients after prolonged ICU stayChaboyer, W; Thalib, L; Foster, M; Elliott, D; Endacott, R; Richards, B
2001The impact of an information literacy framework based on six information skills on the learning of secondary school girls who are identified as being giftedLamb, EE
1-Oct-2011The impact of an inter-professional education workshop on the perceptions of practice behaviours of midwives in relation to complementary and alternative medicineSteel, A; Johnstone, K
Jan-2007Impact of anxiety and perceived control on in-hospital complications after acute myocardial infarctionMoser, D; Riegel, BJ; McKinley, SM; Doering, L; Kyungeh, A; Sheahan, S