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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Moult in captive partially migratory and sedentary Australian silvereyes (Zosterops lateralis) (Zosteropidae)Munro, UH; Funnell, JR; Thomson, A
-Mountain Bike Crank ArmWalden, RJ; Pandolfo, B; Walden, R
Jan-2001Mourning: remembrance and the politics of place: a study of the significance of Collarenebri Aborginal CemeteryGoodall, H
Jan-2008Mouse Allergen Exposure, Wheeze And Atopy In The First Seven Years Of LifePhipatanakul, W; Celedon, J; Hoffman, E; Abdulkerim, H; Ryan, LM; Gold, D
Jan-2008"The Mouse is not a Toy": Young Children's Interactions with E-GamesRoberts, S; Djonov, EN; Torr, J
Jan-2007Movable Soccer GoalEager, DM
18-Aug-2015Move, Hold and Touch: A Framework for Tangible Gesture Interactive SystemsAngelini, L; Lalanne, D; van den Hoven; Khaled, O; Mugellini, E
Jan-2013"Movement and Pep": Re-animating the Duchess of Windsor's Lifestyle FashionsMcNeil, PK; Schlittler, AB; Tietze, K
Jan-2012Movement Demands And Match Performance In Professional Australian FootballJohnston, RL; Watsford, ML; Pine, MJ; Spurrs, RW; Murphy, AJ; Pruyn, EC
Jan-2004Movement, home range and site fidelity of the weedy seadragon Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (Teleostei : Syngnathidae)Sanchez-Camara, J; Booth, DJ
Jan-2013Movements And Habitat Use Of An Endangered Snake, Hoplocephalus Bungaroides (elapidae): Implications For ConservationCroak, B; Crowther, M; Webb, JK; Shine, R
Jan-2013Moving Among Strangers book design and book trailerSadokierski, ZA
Jan-2010Moving Among Strangers, DarklyCarey, G
Jan-2013Moving Among Strangers: Randolph Stow and My FamilyCarey, G
2009Moving and making strange : a design methodology for movement-based interactive technologiesLoke, L
Jan-2013Moving And Making Strange: An Embodied Approach To Movement-based Interaction DesignLoke, L; Robertson, TJ
Jan-2008Moving and thinking behind bars: The effectiveness of an exercise and health education programme on psychological distress of incarcerated people with, or at risk of developing, a chronic illnessCashin, AJ; Potter, E; Stevens, W; Davidson, K; Muldoon, D
Jan-2006Moving average rules as a source of market instabilityChiarella, C; He, X; Hommes, C
Jan-2009Moving Average-based Stock Trading Rules from Particle Swarm OptimisationKwok, N; Gu, F; Ha, QP; Deng, H; Wang, L; Wang, FL; Lei, J
Jan-2013Moving Away from Simulations: Innovative Assessment of Mechatronic Subjects Using Remote LaboratoriesKodagoda, S; Alempijevic, A; Huang, S; De La Villefromoy, MJ; Diponio, M; Cogar, LJ; NA