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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015Improving the system for managing cancer painLovell, MR; Phillips, J; Luckett, T; Agar, M
Jan-2012Improving the Torque Prediction of Saturated Automotive Drive Machines by Accurate Representation of Saturated B/H CurvesKnight, AM; Dorrell, DG
1-Aug-2013Improving the transmission efficiency by considering non-cooperation in ad hoc networksSun, Y; Guo, Y; Ge, Y; Lu, S; Zhou, J; Dutkiewicz, E
2001Improving the UML Metamodel to rigorously specify aggregation & compositorBruel, J; Henderson-Sellers, B; Le Parc-Lacayrelle, A; France, R; Barbier, F; Wang Y, Patel S, Johnston R
Jan-2004Improving The User Experience Through Adaptive and Dynamic Service ManagementSheridan-Smith, NB; Colquitt, D; Soliman, JA; Leaney, JR; O'Neill, T; Hunter, M; Safaei, F
Jan-2007Improving timber cladding for builders and designersForsythe, PJ
1-Jan-2015Improving user engagement by aggregating and analysing health and fitness data on a mobile appLeijdekkers, P; Gay, V
1-Jan-2015Improving User engagement by Aggregating and Analysing Health and Fitness Data on a mobile deviceLeijdekkers, P; Gay, VC; A. Geissbühler, J. Demongeot, M. Mokhtari, B. Abdulrazak, H. Aloulou (Eds.)
Jan-2001Improving Video Quality Using Packet Interleaving, Randomisation and RedundancyChin, S; Braun, RM; Publisher
Jan-2011Improving Web Image Search by Bag-based Re-rankingDuan, L; Li, W; Tsang, I; Xu, D
2015Improving wellbeing for victims of crimeKaldor, L; Watson, NR; Weber, C; Husung, S; Cascini, G; Cantamessa, M; Marjanovic, D; Bordegoni, M
3-Apr-2012Improving Womens Cardiovascular Health: Position Statement From the International Council on Womens Health IssuesDavidson, PM; Meleis, A; McGrath, S; DiGiacomo, M; Dharmendra, T; Puzantian, HV; Song, M; Riegel, BJ
Jan-2012Improving Yield By Exploiting Mechanisms Underlying Natural Variation Of PhotosynthesisLawson, T; Kramer, D; Raines, C
Jan-2004Improvisation and adaptation in international business research interviews.Wilkinson, I; Young, LC; Marschan-Piekkari, R; Welch, C
2015Improvisation in project management: A praxeologyKlein, L; Biesenthal, CE; Dehlin, E
Jan-2009Improvisational bricolage: A practice-based approach to strategy and foresightPina, ECM; Vieira, DCJ; Clegg, SR; Costanzo, LA; MacKay, RB
1-Jan-2016Improvising in Pursuit of a Circular EconomyEdwards; Benn; Angus-Leppan
Apr-2016Improvising Prescription: Evidence from the Emergency Roomda Graça Batista, M; Clegg, SR; Pina e Cunha, M; Giustiniano, L; Rego, A
1-Jan-2016Impulse force as an additional safety criterion for improving the injury prevention performance of impact attenuation surfaces in children’s playgroundsEager, D; Hayati, H; Chapman, C
Jan-2007Impulsive response of an automatic transmission system with multiple clearances: formulation, simulation and experimentCrowther, AR; Singh, R; Zhang, N; Chapman, C