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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Applying neural network analysis on heart rate variability data to assess driver fatiguePatel, MN; Lal, S; Kavanagh, D; Rossiter, P
2012Applying phenomenography to development aid : should we recognise and embrace complexity in aid practice?Nelson, CD
1-Jan-2016Applying POVM to model non-orthogonality in quantum cognitionAliakbarzadeh, M; Kitto, K
Jan-2013Applying research in nutrition education planning: a dietary intervention for Bangladeshi chronic kidney disease patientsde Brito-Ashurst, I; Perry, L; Sanders, T; Thomas, JE; Dobbie, H; Yaqoob, MM
2011Applying Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing for a Greener Traffic ManagementBhalla, I; Chaudhary, K; B. Unhelkar
Jan-2008Applying sport psychology to businessIevleva, LB; Terry, PC
Jan-2005Applying syntax, semantics and aesthetic checks in verifying and validating the quality of UML modelsUnhelkar, B; Henderson-Sellers, B; Khosrow-Pour, M
23-Apr-2015Applying the Delphi method as a research technique in tax law and policyGuglyuvatyy, E; Stoianoff, NP
Jan-2015Applying the emergency risk management process to tackle the crisis of antibiotic resistance.Dominey-Howes, D; Bajorek, B; Michael, CA; Betteridge, B; Iredell, J; Labbate, M
Mar-2017Applying the Fuzzy Analytic Network Process to Establish the Relative Importance of Knowledge Sharing BarriersPhung, VD; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Kang, K; Binsawad, M
Jan-2004Applying the ISO9126 Model to the evaluation of an e-learning systemChua, B; Dyson, LE; Atkinson, R; McBeath, C; Jonas-Dwyer, D; Phillips, R
2012Applying the principles of conservation through sustainable use to the commercial kangaroo harvest in New South Wales, AustraliaAmpt, PR; Baumber, AP; Merson, JA; Cooney, R; Brown, R
Jan-2003Applying the Software Evaluation Framework 'SEF' to the Software Development Life CycleWong, B; Williams, M
2014Applying the Submission Multiple Tier (SMT) Matrix to Detect Impact on Developer Interest on Open Source Project SurvivabilityChua, B
27-Mar-2017Applying the Theoretical Domains Framework to identify barriers and targeted interventions to enhance nurses’ use of electronic medication management systems in two Australian hospitals.Debono, DS; Taylor, N; Lipworth, W; Greenfield, D; Travaglia, J; Black, D; Braithwaite, J
2016Applying threshold concepts to finance educationHoadley, S; Wood, LN; Tickle, L; Kyng, T
Jan-2007Applying Visible Hyperspectral (chemical) Imaging To Estimate The Age Of BruisesPayne, GL; Langlois, NE; Lennard, CJ; Roux, CP
16-Mar-2017Applying Visual Analytics on Traditional Data Mining Process: Quick Prototype, Simple Expertise Transformation, and Better InterpretationZhu, X; Xu, G
Jan-2005Applying web personalisation techniques in E-government servicesGuo, X; Lu, J; Simoff, SJ; Theloar, A; Ellis, A
2014Apports de L’Imagerie Pléiades a la Gestion Intégreée des Zones Côtières – Application au Territoire de Thau – [Contributions of Pléiades Satellite Imagery in Integrated Coastal Zone Management – Application to the Thau Territory]Dupaquier, C; Desbrosse, A; Maurel, P; Plant, RA; Ruoso, L-E; Roussillon, J-P